Posted By Heidi DuPree RN, CTN on 09/22/2018 in Alternative Medicine

Trailer for Awaken Your Greater Health

     Book trailer for the award-wining Awaken Your Greater Health: How Energy Medicine Opens the Way to Healing.  Amazon bestseller and winner of 16 book awards in Alternative Medicine, Health, Metaphysics and Spirituality. Listen to the preface and download ebook at Print available on amazon.

Discover your true source of power, health and happiness.

     Are you experiencing upheaval in your life and a lack of success and fulfillment related to your health, relationships or career path? Do you feel called to work with social and environmental problems, bring healing and knowledge to others, or to make a difference in the world -- but are unable to realize your greater aspirations?

     Awaken Your Greater Health is the roadmap to guide you out of the turmoil to where greater energies can rule your life.Through practical information on energy medicine and true-life stories of transformation, you will learn how to clear the way to your "inner castle" -- the sanctuary within you where power, health and happiness come from. You will discover:

  • How to recognize the energy dynamics involved in the shift to greater health
  • How to awaken your authentic self and remember your wholeness
  • How to use Energy Medicine First Aid when you become "triggered" into negative thoughts and emotions
  • How to become a fully-conscious healing presence in the world
  • How to connect with your life purpose by healing your broken heart
  • How to revolutionize your health, relationship and career by practicing eight Energy Medicine Daily Care skills