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Nurtured Bones
Seneca Rd
Great Falls, Virginia , 22066

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  • About
  • Susan Brady brings a rich diversity of experience and knowledge to the healthcare profession. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 1989 with a Master of Physical Therapy. She has been practicing physical therapy for over 29 years, treating individuals with a wide variety of physical ailments.

    During her early days as a physical therapist, she began to explore other factors that contribute to one’s health, healing and level of well-being. She quickly realized the value of integrating nutrition along with other alternative therapies into physical therapy.

    In 2003, Susan began her studies at Capital University of Integrative Medicine. She graduated as a Doctor of Integrative Medicine. This program educated her in the variety of alternative treatments and therapies available through complementary and alternative styles of medicine.

    Susan continued on with her studies to focus on the nutritional aspect of integrative medicine. She obtained a degree as a Certified Nutritionist from the American Health Science University in 2006 and a Post Master’s Certificate in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2014.

    Susan’s background in physical therapy, nutrition and integrative medicine give her a unique perspective in treating bone disorders. Her knowledge in physical therapy gives her the ability to assess muscle strength, posture and balance and develop individualized therapeutic exercise programs that safely enhance bone strength. As a nutritionist she knows how to evaluate and enhance the nutrients necessary for bone vitality as well as assess digestion and absorption, ensuring correct metabolism of these nutrients. Susan also understands the importance of strengthening your inner stability by reducing stressors that creates bone loss. By providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to bone health, Susan can thoroughly address all avenues of strengthening your bones. 

    Susan has a private practice and is also the director of the Bone Health Program at Virginia Therapy and Fitness Center in Reston, Virginia.

    When not working, Susan enjoys spending time with her family on their sailboat, exploring nature through hiking and paddle boarding.

  • Specialties + Services
  • *Osteoporosis/osteopenia

    *Healthy Aging
  • Additional Conditions Treated
  • Osteoporosis, osteopenia, healthy aging, general health and wellness
  • Additional Treatment Techniques
  • Nutrition, digestion, physical therapy, exercise programs
  • Testing Offered
  • SpectraCell Micronutrient testing 

    GI Map digestive stool analysis 

    DPD urine bone loss testing 

    FIT food inflammation test

    Cortisol saliva testing

  • Qualifications

  • Years in Practice
  • 30
  • Education / School
  • Master of Physical Therapy: University of Southern California, 1989
    Doctor of Integrative Medicine: Capital University of Integrative Medicine, 2005
    Nutrition Certification: American Health Science University, 2006
    Post Master’s Certificate in Nutrition and Integrative Health: Maryland University of Integrative Health, 2014
  • Certifications
  • Physical Therapist, Nutrition Consultant, Doctor of Integrative Medicine, American Association of Drugless Practitioners Board Certified
  • State License Number
  • Virginia PT License 2305004781
  • Hours of Operation
  • Monday through Saturday, hours vary.
  • Free Consults Offered
  • No
  • Online Consults Offered
  • Yes
  • Payments & Insurance

  • Do you accept insurance?
  • No

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