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  • Short Bio
  • I am a teacher, coach, communicator and organizer of information. I created Wellness Hub to be a learning platform for holistic healing. I’m here to bring illumination and resources of truth so that it is easy for people to find when they are ready for it.

    Through coaching or consultation, I help healers and coaches connect with their authentic voice and express the wisdom that their soul is here to express. I'm a "doula" for those who want to have an entrepreneurial expression of whatever that might be.

  • About
  • My intention is to make it easier for consumers in the United States to find and learn about healers, coaches, teachers, and wellness centers who inspire and empower healing, personal growth, and spiritual connection. 

    There are millions of Americans suffering from chronic conditions, anxiety, and depression who are looking for help and guidance on their journey. I was one of them. My struggle to find holistic practitioners years ago led me to create Wellness Hub.

    I have been a small business owner for 26 years and am Accredited in Public Relations. My first business, Chaloux Environmental Communications, Inc. was a woman-owned small business that managed over $3.6 million in government contracts with several Department of Defense agencies.

    Now, I am focusing on spiritual alignment and embracing my divine feminine, intuition, creativity, emotions, and my receiving capacity. I'm here to help healers and coaches do the same -learn how to share their authentic voice & messages and how to receive.

    In coaching sessions, I share resources, training and programs that can help you to turn the lights on. Working from the heart and Law of Attraction, we will develop a unique plan that enables you up to open up to clients on your vibrational highway.

    I am knowledgeable about the various online business models and training programs so I can help you save time and money. 

    The Wellness Hub learning platform is moving toward offering classes and forums because people are desperate to learn so I am particularly interested in connecting with healers and coaches who are interested in teaching classes and workshops for body, mind or spirit.

  • Primary Service
  • Wellness Hub Founder
  • Specialties + Services
  • Content marketing, Community Building, Coaching, Online Marketing, Spiritual Growth, Holistic Healing Approaches. I'm a connector.

  • Offerings
  • 1-1 Coaching/Consulting, Group Coaching, Member Profiles on Wellness Hub platform

  • Client Focus
  • Entrepreneurs & teachers in the holistic healing and coaching niche (with online/virtual offerings & programs) who want to reach and serve more people, leverage their time, and build profitable businesses.

  • Free Guide
  • Check out my free Market Research Guide - Questions to ask to create irresistible offers and improve your marketing messages.

  • Additional Treatment Techniques
  • Peace Process

  • Qualifications

  • Years in Practice
  • 25
  • Education / School
  • BA, Communications Studies - Va Tech

    Accredited in Public Relations

    Additional Training by:

    • Lisa Sasevich - Nail Your Offer, High Ticket Selling, Speak to Sell, Teleseminars & Webinars
    • Claire Zammit - Feminine Power
    • Christian Mickelsen for Coaching
    • Marie Forleo for online marketing & copywriting
    • James Wedmore for Digital CEO's (online courses & membership sites)
    • Stu McLaren for Membership Sites
    • Amy Porterfield - List Building & Course Builder Academy
    • Jeff Walker - Product Launch Formula
    • Michelle Schubnel - Group Coaching
    • Tony Robbins & Dean Graziozi - Knowledge Broker Blueprint (Masterminds)
    • Gabby Bernstein - Spirit Junkies Masterclass
    • Rob Goyette - Laser Coaching

  • Hours of Operation
  • 9-6, M-F

  • Free Consults Offered
  • Yes
  • Online Consults Offered
  • Yes
  • Payments & Insurance

  • Do you accept insurance?
  • No
  • Payments Methods Accepted
  • Major Credit Cards & Paypal

Sandra Chaloux Reviews

Submitted by Lara on Tuesday, Oct 13, 2020

Love the Wellness Hub experience

Sandra Chaloux and Wellness Hub have been super helpful to me and my marketing strategy. I can post all my events on the website, and having a presence on here helps get the word out about the practitioners at my practice. Sandra is always there with advice for marketing and blog posts, so we don't feel like we are stumbling around in the dark. I'm so happy we found Wellness Hub and Sandra!

  • Overall Rating

Submitted by Rose Wellness Center on Monday, Sep 28, 2020

Excellent Marketing Resource

Wellness Hub has offered our business the opportunity to grow the marketing and outreach of our practice. There are various tools that you can take advantage of. From the Blog articles, to being able to post specials and detailed information about different practitioners, we have found great value in Sandra's services on Wellness Hub. They also help us get event information out to the community through their social media sites. Thank you Wellness Hub for the services you provide for our Wellness community. Patients are being helped everyday to find the right fit for their health needs.

  • Overall Rating

Submitted by Jennie Peil on Thursday, Mar 26, 2020

Look no further!!

Sandra is an extremely versatile, talented, caring, and resourceful business and life consultant. Before I met her, I had been unemployed for 3 years. Thanks to her I was able to parlay my strengths and experience into a job, and into an industry new to me, which was my ultimate goal. She’s brilliant and fun and funny, all while lifting your spirits and guiding you to your next chapter and success.

  • Overall Rating

Reply From Sandra Chaloux

Thank you Jennie for this review!!! I'm really touched and so excited about your success!

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