Posted By Jill Haas on 02/02/2021

Have you been feeling more sensitive and even irritable?

Yes? First, take one deep breath in. Sigh it out.

Honor that this past year has been a lot for you to endure.

Know that you are doing your best even if a voice within you says otherwise.

The truth is your resilience is most likely at an all-time low.

After working with Sensitive Humans over the years, I have discovered these two truths that apply to each of them:

1. Sensitive people are like buckets with holes in them, constantly depleted and draining energy all the time, if not skilled in how to manage this gift.

2. When depleted we tend to be in survival mode which also means our guard is up and so is our resistance to change. It is a coping strategy that helps you manage these sensitivities.

That is in general without a world crisis impacting us directly. Now, add in the long year of uncertainty and what do you have? The answer is a laundry list of unbalanced emotions, thoughts and beliefs that we don’t know what to do with.

All of this has eroded away some or much of your resilience, depending on where you were when this time last year.

Resilience is the key to functioning and thriving in life as a Sensitive Human.

You might be wondering what you can do right now to increase your resilience of just bring it back to where it was prior to last year at this time.

To help Sensitive Humans like you, I created a mini, two-part, Program called Resilience Reboot. This process was designed to quickly reboot your resilience so you can fill those holes in your bucket, relax your nervous system and restore your energy.

Learn more about Resilience Reboot by clicking this link.

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