Posted By Francesca Kotomski on 05/24/2019

Women (40+), busy professionals who care for everyone except yourself.  It's your time!

You're fatigued, have brain fog, have gained weight and want to tone up.

All this doesn't have to be your story as a beautiful woman around the 40/50 mark.

You deserve optimal health to keep going, to have your kind of fun, and to look gorgeous, and feel more comfortable in your skin!

Work with a supportive and encouraging personal trainer at a fraction of the cost -in a safe way that works with your schedule and preferences.

The 90-day program will give you the time, attention, accountability and expert guidance that you need to be successful with weight loss, tone, energy, and a greater feeling of vitality and optimal health.  

This program includes a weekly fitness coaching session, done via phone call or video program, such as zoom conferencing.  During this time, you will share what you did and then learn your next steps for the following week.  You will not be shamed if you didn't accomplish what your weekly goals are but continued to become encouraged to keep going.  

You will do your fitness in your home, public gym, or wherever.  Your custom program can go anywhere! Your coach will get to know you through a verbal consultation and an assessment done via video call.  This will allow your coach to give you what you need for injury prevention, strength gain in weak areas and ongoing advice, even when you aren't formally exercising.  You will also get coaching on nutrition, sleep, stress or anything else that might impact results.  

Besides, the scheduled coaching session, you will have contact with your coach all week by text or email, allowing your coach 24 hours to get back with you.  90 days is long enough for many goals to be accomplished, or at least started (depending on the goal and the person), and great for the accomplishment of lifestyle habit of healthy fun fitness.

Cost: $297 for 90 days. Expires June 15.  Save 60%

Call NOW to secure this special rate!  Only 10 slots available.  413-348-4466.  Please give me your best times so I can return your call/text if I miss it.

Savings: Normal price for this is $299 a month, Save 60% with this special promo.

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