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Sushma Hirani, MD

Rose Wellness Center
* Functional Medicine *Chronic Illnesses *Hypothyroidism *Women's Health *Menopause *Weight Management
Oakton, Virginia

Five Stones Healing Arts & Wellness Center

Integrative and Functional Medicine, Wellness Visits, Nutrition Consultations, Sick Visits
Leesburg, Virginia, United States

Lara Lattman

Five Stones Wellness & Healing Arts Center
*Nutrition Consultation *Meal Plans *Specialty Diets *Cooking Classes
Leesburg, Virginia, United States

Martha Calihan, MD

Five Stones Healing Arts & Wellness Center
Integrative Healthcare, Functional Medicine, Holistic Healthcare, Conventional Medicine, Mind/Body/Spirit Therapies, Western Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Intuitive Healing Hypnosis, Energy Healing/Reiki, Yoga/Meditation
Leesburg, Virginia, United States

Jill Haas

Haas Transformation Academy INC
After three successful careers in automotive, sales and nursing, Jill has extensive experience in several bodies of work with human beings, ranging from the auto body to the human body, and is now delving into the whole human: Body, mind, and soul...
Howell, MI, United States

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Sandra Chaloux

Wellness Hub LLC
I am a spiritual teacher, writer and seasoned entrepreneur with 7 years of experience working in the holistic healing space and 20 years in the environmental communications consulting space. I offer a safe, supportive and sacred space to explore h...
Aldie, VA, United States

Wellness Hub LLC

Wellness Hub offers coaching, consulting, training & online visibility for holistic practitioners, healers, coaches, teachers and wellness centers.

5 Common Emotions that Impact Your Life Force Energy


Sandra Chaloux

| 04/04/2022

In studying the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine, I’m learning how to clear and balance energy in myself and others....

Energy Clearings using the Spiritual Side of Chinese Medicine


Sandra Chaloux

| 01/25/2022

I've been studying an energy clearing technique taught by Jean Haner (Hay House author and energy healing practitioner...

Are You Ready to Die?

By Martha Calihan, MD | 12/02/2021

Because the truth is, death is the only certainty in each of our lives; the one absolute fact for each of us from the moment...

The Transforming Self

By Sandra Chaloux | 11/03/2021

I just completed reading Who Not How by Dan Sullivan (Founder of Strategic Coach) and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. The...

Chinese Face Reading & What To Expect from our 30's-70's


Sandra Chaloux

| 10/22/2021

I just signed up for Jean Haner's online course on the Shift Network to learn more about Energy Clearing from a Chinese...

Your Mental Health Matters


Coach Jill Haas

| 10/14/2021

Mental health is just as important if not more important than our physical health.Definition of mental health by Merriam-Webster1: the...

How to Manifest Something


Sandra Chaloux

| 09/23/2021

We live in a culture that is so focused on action. What I am learning is that a bigger part of the equation to manifest...

6 Ways Women Can Promote Their Health As They Age

By Rose Wellness | 08/26/2021

In recent years, there has been a positive shift towards promoting health, mental well-being, and self-care, especially...

Anxiety In Children-When Can You Help?

By Rose Wellness | 08/26/2021

Children may experience anxiety during their life for a variety of reasons. Many of these anxious thoughts are quite normal....

Observations about Holistic Healing Work


Sandra Chaloux

| 08/25/2021

I am studying the channeling work of the Guides (Ascended Masters) by Paul Selig and have been finding the insights and...

Holistic Healing Guide for Mind, Body, and Spirit

By Meliza Marzett | 02/28/2019

I will start with holistic medicine, which appeared in China, about 5 thousand years ago. It takes into account all internal...

By Sandra Chaloux | 10/08/2008

Love the Wellness Hub experience. Sandra Chaloux and Wellness Hub have been super helpful to me and my marketing strategy....

Best strategies & tools to address Anxiety

I'd like to create a comprehensive resource here for the best strategies, tools and resources for addressing Anxiety.... View More

Personal Power, Life Force Energy & Chakra Balancing

I’ve been really interested in Chakras and Energy healing for the past few years. I guess I’m not alone.... View More

5 Tips to Collaborate and Grow Your Business in 2021 and Beyond


Shawn Kelly

| 12/21/2020

As this year draws to an end, many of us are still in disbelief at this time in our history that we will all never forget...

Free 15 Min. Consultation With Acupuncturist Homa Hashime

Come in and meet with our Acupuncturist, Homa Hashime for a free 15 minute consultation. You can let her know what yo...

2944 Hunter Mill Rd, Oakton, VA 22124, USA

Free 15 Minute Integrative Nutritionist Consultation

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are chronic illnesses, low energy and fatigue keeping you from enjoyi...

Oakton, VA, USA

Uncovering the Mysteries of the Thyroid Virtual Class

This was a pretty comprehensive class and conversation about the Thyroid with Dr. Sushma Hirani, the Owner and Medical Director...


03/12/2021 : AM

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Wellness Hub Virtual Workshop on Digestion

Wellness Hub's First Monthly Community workshop was held on January 14 2021. We talked about natural remedies for improving...


01/14/2021 : AM

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Posted 06/23/2021 by Sandra Chaloux

Posted 09/27/2019 by Sushma Hirani, MD
Rose Wellness Practitioners

At Rose Wellness Center, we have an amazing team of caring, skilled, energetic practitioners and a supporting staff... View More

Posted 05/26/2021
Wellness Hub What Do You Do Virtual Class & Networking Event

Wellness Center Owners, Holistic Practitioners, Coaches & Healers -Join us for Wellness Hub's next Virtual... View More

Take Control Of Your Immune Health!

Although information is changing daily about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the one thing that is very clear is that...

Posted By Sushma Hirani, MD on 09/01/2020

Mindfulness Video

Watch what our mindful workshops and offerings consist of....