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Unlock Your Creativity

Unlock Your Creativity


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Your Inner Genius is waiting for you!


Some of you may know I have a horse. What some of you don’t know is HOW I brought him to me. I believe he found me OR we found each other.

It’s a great story.

It started with a desire and I took several actions. Keep reading to learn one of them.

The short version, I had a burning desire for a horse or horses in my life since I was a young girl. About 8 years ago, I had an amazing experience that immersed me in all things horses, writing and energy - all in one afternoon. Some of my favorite things…now.

Writing was never my favorite.

Robert Palmer, a writing coach among other amazing things, was leading a writing workshop at this particular event. I almost didn’t participate because I wasn’t a writer but thought I “should” learn to be since I was a coach.

The experience was unforgettable.

We learned a writing tool that helped me get in touch with that part of me who desired horses into my experience. I wrote about them. I had a conversation on paper with one. Not only was it profound, it helped me to embody the emotions behind my desires and emanate that out info the world.

It became apparent how badly I really wanted this experience of having horses in my life. To top it off, I had a personal experience with a horse that also forever changed my view of horses into sentient and very Spiritual beings who are great teachers and partners.

I decided that day that I must bring them into my life for not only my enjoyment and healing but also for the enjoyment and healing of those I work with.

Many of you know the rest of that story or at least have seen the fruition of it come true for me!

Getting really clear on what you actually desire is one step to bringing your dreams into reality.

What is one of my SECRETS to manifesting horses into my life and the amazing experiences I have had with them?

Writing about it.

I used to HATE writing - reading too. Now I enjoy both! Funny how things change.

Since meeting Robert on that fateful aforementioned day and working with him, I have realized how creative I truly am! AND, I also see how my desires had always been inside of me, yet needed to be released into the wild to be made manifest!

That is one of my secrets to manifesting my dreams.

Write about them. Details, details. Write everything - hand write or type. It doesn’t matter. Your soul is speaking to you. Writing is one beautiful way to tap into that creative voice which is YOU.

You are a Creator. Choose to be deliberate and intentional.

Are you ready to tap into your Inner Genius, the CREATOR that is you?

Give your desires a launchpad like I did and begin to write in a structure with tools that will literally free your mind!

You may have a love/hate relationship with writing. Maybe you think you aren't even close to writing or English was your worst subject?

The insights you will gain with the tools taught in this 90 minute workshop will even take your journaling to a whole new level. Writing will be fun and enjoyable instead of something you avoid.

If you already enjoy writing, this will give you more spice and sauce to stir up those creative juices and see what else your soul has to say.

If you have a desire to tap into the creative being that you already are - and I guarantee s/he’s in there, this is for you!

Robert Palmer is a Gifted Writing Coach who will be your instructor for this workshop.

Learn More about Robert, Raven Writing Studios and The Raven Institute HERE

This Special Event is Thursday, April 22nd at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM EST.

Investment: $40 per person

Register by clicking the button below. You will be taken to the event page with more information.

We will meet via Zoom. Once you register, further instructions and workshop agenda will be sent to you.

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