Posted By East Meets West Yoga Center on 09/27/2018
Reiki Restorative - Forgive with Jessica Mahler

Reiki Restorative - Forgive with Jessica Mahler

East Meets West Yoga Center

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1:30 PM
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4:30 PM

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So much about our healing journeys relies on forgiveness. Forgiveness for those who have hurt us. Forgiveness for ourselves. When we are able to forgive, we are able to let go. It is one of the bravest, more courageous, most compassionate things we can do to empower ourselves. It can also be the hardest thing we ever do. But once we are able to cut the tethers to our anger, disappointment, and feelings of being wronged or wounded, we free ourselves from the belief that everything is happening to us and instead embrace what is happening for us as each experience we go through teaches us something new about ourselves, proving just how strong and resilient we really are. 

In this month's installment of Reiki Restorative, we will come together in Sacred Circle to write letters to ourselves, identifying what we are ready to forgive to help us let go more deeply once we lie down to receive Reiki during our Restorative yoga practice. Participants will be offered the opportunity to share what’s in their hearts, but we will also honor those who wish to keep what they’re throwing into the fire to themselves. Then we’ll lay down for an extra long restorative yoga practice, moving through a series of carefully selected poses to help us soften our hearts in order to open and enhance our ability to forgive. While laying in these sweet poses, each participant will receive Reiki, a balancing, intelligent, harmonizing energy that has the power to heal on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


Jessica will be assisted by two of her Reiki students to provide extra healing to all those who come, allowing each participant to receive as much loving touch as possible throughout the workshop.


Space is limited to 15 attendees in order to give everyone special attention and reiki.    This workshop will fill quickly.   Reserve your spot early!

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