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Memory Makeover - Intro Session

Integrative Functional Medicine Center

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10:00 AM
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11:00 AM

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“A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom.”    Dr. Joe Dispenza

Imagine how much energy you would have if it wasn’t still tied up reliving the past. Imagine if you could just neutralize the negative feelings and emotions from past events, relationships, or traumas (yes, even those memories).

Join guest instructor Richard Efthim for a one hour talk about the Memory Makeover Program and experience what "wellness" really feels like. Learn about a remarkable program that has helped over 14,000 people heal even their worst memory ever.

At this session you will be able to experience memory energy therapy firsthand.

Richard has used Memory Energy Therapy with clients around the country. His passion isn’t just in telling you what, how and why techniques like Memory Energy Therapy can promote your own wellness. His passion lies in guiding you to have “ah ha” moments … to experience what wellness feels like when negative emotional triggers and burdens are removed. If you can think of how it feels when a pebble is finally removed from your shoe, and you get the idea!

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