Posted By Martha Calihan, MD on 07/27/2020
Living Your Death

Living Your Death


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Event Host: Rose Wellness Center

Death is the one certain thing in each of our lives, and yet it holds the most mystery, the least certainty and often the most discomfort and fear of anything we encounter. A practicing physician for over 30 years, Dr. Martha Calihan has helped many patients and families through the process of preparing to say goodbye to a loved one. But when it came time to do it for her husband, it felt very different. What actually happens when we die? What is it like? Do people who are dying have an understanding? What's the best way to help someone facing a terminal illness, and to help their loved ones approach the dying process? When does medical care become futile, and how is that information shared? How does one make the decision to stop treatment and enter into palliative and hospice care?

Dr. Calihan explores these questions and more in her 3-part webinar pilot program. 

In this program, we will:

1. Explore and answer essential questions about death

2. Review some of the essential documents to have in place

3. Create a death plan that reflects your values and choices

The course is limited to 20 participants. The dates are August 11, 18, and 25, from 12pm until 1:15pm. Prerequisite is to purchase and read A Death Lived. There is no charge for the program in exchange for your participation and feedback.

Logistics and details for the class will be sent upon registration.

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