Posted By Sandra Chaloux on 01/28/2021
Heart Resilience for Highly Sensitive People Virtual Class

Heart Resilience for Highly Sensitive People Virtual Class


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4:00 PM
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5:00 PM

Event Host: Rose Wellness Center

Join us for Wellness Hub's Second Monthly Virtual Class in 2021 where we will be talking about Heart & Emotional Resilience for Sensitive People with our Featured Guest, Jill Haas, RN, BSN, CVPCC.

Jill is a former Registered Nurse and has been a Life Coach for 17 years. She knows what it is like to be sensitive and an empath in a healthcare setting and has amassed a vast tool kit to help others to be grounded and recognize their qualities as sacred gifts and not a curse. Her clients are "Sensitive", heart-centered who may also identify as empaths, intuitives, creatives, coaches, and healers. Jill is the owner of Haas Transformation Academy Inc.

During the first part of the class, Sandra and Jill will talk about the common characteristics of sensitive "humans" and the common challenges they face such as: energy drains, overgiving, having trouble saying "no", feeling guilty all the time, overwhelm & anxiety, and self-doubt. We will also talk about some of the transformations that are possible to achieve through guided inner work such as: more confidence, peace and calm, better relationships, and better coping skills. We will also share tips & resources for heart & emotional resilience during these challenging times.

We'll be taking your questions through the Zoom webinar chat feature during the second half of the class. (You don't have to worry about being on video to participate in the class or to ask a question.) We promise to keep it fun and lighthearted. Space is limited to 100 people. Please register now to secure your spot. The class will be recorded and available upon demand to registrants following the event.

You can register here.

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