Posted By East Meets West Yoga Center on 09/27/2018

Dream Salon - The Deeper Messages Hidden Within Your Dreams with Dianne Mouchon Rhodes

East Meets West Yoga Center
8227 Old Courthouse Rd NE, Vienna, VA 22180, USA

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2:00 PM
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4:00 PM

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Join together in the age-old tradition of dream sharing. Have you ever wondered if your night dreams might have a deep meaning and may be bringing messages to your waking self? By using symbols, archetypes, patterns and metaphor, we explore our dreams together and learn to interpret what the images, people and places in our dreams might represent. 

Using the projective style of dreamwork developed by Montague Ullman, we will share our dreams with each other, acknowledging that each dreamer ultimately knows what the dream truly means to them. Taking a look at our dreams can help us deepen our self-understanding and solve problems.

Bring a dream to share that you have journaled or from memory.

About Dianne Mouchon Rhodes:

As long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in dreams. I remember asking myself: Why do we sleep? Why do we dream? I have been journaling my dreams since I was a teenager and began learning at that time how to work with dreams at a workshop led by Gayle Delaney. This early learning inspired me to join a dream group in 2004 where I became versed in symbolism and images, the language of dreams.

On my journey of practicing dream interpretation in different styles and groups, I have been very fortunate and feel honored to have worked with esteemed dreamworkers Jeremy Taylor, Rita Dwyer, Diana McKendree, Jerry Wright and Marty Gegner through formal programs, dream groups and workshops at conferences. In 2015 I became certified in Dreamwork Facilitation through Jeremy Taylor’s Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork. 

My higher education studies of the subconscious within the fields of advertising and communications merged well with my later self-studies of dreamwork, meditation, consciousness, alchemy, spirituality and hypnosis, which I’ve been participating in collectively for 35 years. As part of my self-study on the topics of consciousness and spirituality, I began a practice of TM meditation 17 years ago and continue to experience such benefits as increased calmness and clarity of thought, increased energy, and greater focused attention.

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8227 Old Courthouse Rd NE, Vienna, VA 22180, USA

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