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Best strategies & tools to address Anxiety

Best strategies & tools to address Anxiety

I'd like to create a comprehensive resource here for the best strategies, tools and resources for addressing Anxiety. I'll kick it off. What I have learned is that Anxiety is a fear of a future state. Shifting our focus back to the present moment and bringing your awareness to your breath -slowing your breathing down is what helps to calm us down. When we are anxious we tend to hold our breath and not even realize we are doing it. We want to get to a longer exhale. Breath in slowly and exhale completely. Repeat until you feel calm and centered. Yin and Restorative Yoga are awesome for achieving this and postures that open up our energy centers. (Being Centered is when the mind can open and connect with the intuition and personal truth. Same as heart center.)

I like to breath in an empowering thought - like the Unconditional Love, Respect & Acceptance from Mother/Father God and exhale the disempowering thought (fear or illusion) that is creating the anxiety. We have to remember that we aren't our thoughts. Most of the thoughts that cause us angst come from programming from our past, or people along our physical trail and things that we pick up in cultural programming, media, social media, etc. (which are not true). We have to start taking responsibility for the thoughts that we choose to hold on to. We have to become the observer of our thoughts, patterns and triggers and learn to let go of what no longer serves us.

I also believe that anxiety comes from feeling disconnected from our Divine Source (God can have many names). We can never actually be disconnected from Source -but if we are in our head a lot and our ego (protective personality) is running the show, we will feel disconnected from Source. Meditation & prayer are key to getting out of the head and into the heart. Getting out in nature also really helps to ground yourself.

Anxiety is a physical and emotional panic response to feeling out of control. It needs to be short-circuited so that you can function and make choices for your greatest good. Anxiety also happens when we compare ourselves to others. 

Energy healing can really help. Our body has 7 primary energy centers (Chakras) located from the base of our spine to the crown of our head that belong to our Spiritual body. This energy center supplies God's Divine Love to the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Chakras work like automobile batteries in that they need to be fully charged and in alignment with the higher self and vessel (human being). Each chakra's energy has a different focus for healing the mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

The Crown Chakra's violet fire, Light, or transforming energy can clear your mental body of anxiety and negative thoughts or low vibration thoughts. I really like Belinda Womack's book: Lessons from the 12 Archangels and the meditations it provides. (Available on Audible or Amazon.) Anodea Judith has also written multiple books and offers excellent training on Chakra healing.

Compassion - I love the following thoughts from Denise Linn about compassion..."True compassion starts with yourself. Gently, lovingly, and unconditionally accept yourself just as you are. It isn't necessary to be perfect, and there is no one that you need to please but your higher self. The more you can release judgments and beliefs about yourself, the more true compassion you'll have for others. Be gentle with yourself and cherish who you really are. It's time to release guilt or shame because they no longer serve you. Forgive yourself and others." Unfortunately, Compassion has not been modeled very frequently in our culture. I invite you to check out Bernadette Pleasant's work and Course on Somatic Movement to Nurture Your Vibrant Heart & Experience Compassion, Healing & Joy. Check out this one hour free class with Bernadette as she helps us navigate the new normal, heal and move out of the pandemic in new and healing ways.

What if...Anxiety isn't a problem but an untapped solution that is trying to reveal itself. Dr. Sue Morter offers a course called Your Energy Codes on the Shift Network on how to integrate, embody, and infuse this energy into our tissues and learn what to do with the mind to support this unfolding. What would be possible if we could learn to tap the energy -we call anxiety -to use it -so that it finds its way to full Divine expression.

What if we understood that- We chose to be here at this time of evolutionary change in our human history. We are brave and powerful creators on schoolroom earth. We're here to learn how to transform fear into love. Everything is happening for us -for our highest good -even when it doesn't seem like it. We've got this when we get into alignment with our Source.  I welcome you to join the discussion and share your thoughts, insights and favorite resources for addressing Anxiety.


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