Posted By Sandra Chaloux on 02/12/2021
Heart Resilience for Highly Sensitive People

Heart Resilience for Highly Sensitive People

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This is the replay link for Wellness Hub's Second Monthly Virtual Class held on 2/11/21 where we talked about Heart & Emotional Resilience for Sensitive People with our Featured Guest, Jill Haas, RN, BSN, CVPCC.

Jill is a former Registered Nurse and has been a Life Coach for 17 years. She knows what it is like to be sensitive and an empath in a healthcare setting and has amassed a vast tool kit to help others to be grounded and recognize their qualities as sacred gifts and not a curse. Her clients are "Sensitive", heart-centered who may also identify as empaths, intuitives, creatives, coaches, and healers. Jill is the owner of Haas Transformation Academy Inc.

Sandra and Jill talked about coaching -how it is different than therapy, common characteristics of sensitive people and the common challenges they face such as: energy drains, over-giving, having trouble saying "no", feeling guilty all the time, overwhelm & anxiety, and self-doubt. We also talked about some of the transformations that are possible to achieve through guided inner work such as: more confidence, peace of mind, career advancement, better relationships, and better coping skills. We shared tips & resources for heart & emotional resilience during these challenging times.

You can register for free here to access the replay.

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