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| 10/23/2019

Who Really Needs A Health Coach? You!

Who Really Needs A Health Coach? You!

Why do you need a Health Coach? We could all use a Health Coach! Here's why. Are you struggling with lifestyle changes that you know you should be making?  A lot of us feel sick from an abundance of stress, our lives are busier than ever and we're constantly on the go. Environmental toxins are bombarding us daily, building up in our bodies. Even in a 60-90 minute appointment with the doctor, there is simply not enough time to properly review current wellness status, diagnose, review functional testing and go over how to implement the necessary changes.  The health coach allows you to have the extra one-on-one time to ask all of the necessary questions on how to implement diet changes, how to add in movement in a realistic way, how to practice a good sleep routine, and how to find ways to reduce stress, etc. 

Health coaches understand that everyone is created differently and must be coached and mentored differently. What works with one person may not work for another individual. A health coach is professionally trained to look at your unique health needs as recommended by the doctor and your personal goals. Then they will help you modify your lifestyle choices to improve your health and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Our health coach will work with you virtually to discover what is needed to help you be successful at reaching optimal health and discuss the things that may be holding you back from reaching your goals. A health coach understands that optimal health can only be reached when a holistic approach is taken. It is our goal at Rose Wellness to help you to achieve lifelong health and wellness by bridging traditional medical approaches with holistic practices and enhancing your healthy mindset.

Health Coaching services available for all patients. Call us today to set up your consultation with our Health Coach and feel better, sooner. (571)529-6699. 


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