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What Is Chronic Pain?

What Is Chronic Pain?

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is defined as the prevalence of pain symptoms that persist over 12 weeks and can last for months, if not years. Most chronic pain symptoms are dull and achy of a mild to moderate intensity but can periodically become “flared up” with severe, debilitating pain. These symptoms can interfere with normal home, work, or recreational activities. Typically, chronic pain occurs when the body is unable to resolve the initial acute pain stage. The initial injury and pain may have been disregarded or incompletely treated with self-medication and home therapy, or been treated by a practitioner who did not recognize the danger signs of poor pain recovery.

Chronic pain can be related to the joints, muscles, or damaged nerves in the spine, trunk, head, and extremities. It is often associated with a “post-traumatic” neurological reaction, where the body’s warning system does not function properly. Instead, the brain overreacts by behaving as if the body is continually being reinjured, due to the fact that the injured tissues involved have physiologically changed and improperly adapted. To treat the “causes” of chronic pain one must address both the nature of the initial injury and the various ways the body’s healing recovery has gotten stuck.

Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or acute pain, there are many ways to help provide pain relief, decrease inflammation, and speed up the healing process. Our experts specialize in chronic pain management using a combination of:

Chronic pain management is becoming increasingly popular as chronic pain is an epidemic that is afflicting millions of people on a daily basis and is only continuing to get worse. Patients are suffering with pain due to old injuries, arthritis, tissue inflammation, or other degenerative conditions of the body. The usual medical answer is to put the patient on pain and “anti-inflammatory” medications to ease the pain while waiting in hope that the body will recover. However, this painkiller road to recovery is filled with potholes and often becomes the source health issues such as the side effects of long-term use of these two types of medications.


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