By Rha Greene, Summarized by Sandra Chaloux | 03/18/2019

What is a Spiritual Activist?

What is a Spiritual Activist?

I want to share some inspiring ideas about being a spiritual activist from Rha Greene (also known as Rha Goddess), leader of Move the Crowd. I was introduced to Rha in Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie masterclass. Both are fantastic motivational speakers.

I love listening to Rha so much that I decided to listen to her facebook live class over and over again over the weekend to capture and share her ideas here.

Rha first offered her thoughts about what it means to be a spiritual activist and what is needed to be successful as a spiritual teacher, spiritual leader or light bearer.

She acknowledged that the conversation continues to unfold because of the chaotic times we’re in. She observed that it seems like a very intense time -spiritually and cosmicly and that people are feeling much more stressed and overwhelmed in the context of what they are building.

This is also a very vulnerable time for people. People are being confronted by aspects of themselves that are very tender -whether they are bumping up against beliefs that they didn’t realize they have or whether they are in conflict with someone they are working with. "It all seems to be up right now."

How do you find your own sense of grounding and centeredness and solidness when there is so much chaos moving around you? When there is is so much pushing and pulling going on, how do we maintain calm in the storm?

Rha pointed out that the fear of the scrutiny can hold us back sometimes, but that our times are calling for us to put a stake in the ground, and for each of us to get very specific about who we are, where we stand, and what we are committed to.

Rha pointed out that each of us can define for ourselves what it means to be a spiritual activist but offered the following description of what it means to her.

Spiritual Activists

People who are deeply connected to Source, (however they define Source -Love, God, Universe, etc). These people believe that they are connected to something bigger than themselves. They are sourced by something that is bigger than themselves. They have a belief that this divine source is what is guiding their life, their work, and the way they interact with the world, how they see the world, and engage with the world.  

These people are deeply dedicated to standing in love and coming from love as a context and foundation for how they interact with others. It can also involve giving tough love, and deep truth. It is always coming from an abundant place. It is always coming from a place of wanting to do good and to be a contribution.

“We cultivate the wisdom to recognize that sometimes our contribution simply lives in our presence, in the way that we offer silence, and in how we are holding space for others. Sometimes it comes in the way we speak, the way we show up, the way that we share our journey, or give our lessons and move people through a transformative process that enables them to heal, grow, strengthen and empower themselves.”

As spiritual activists, we recognize that we are a vessel for something – for people to be able to tap into their own liberation, their own power, their own wisdom, their own beauty, their own brilliance and intelligence. Recognizing that none of us have all the answers. 

We are a reflection of divine knowing, inviting other people to find their own divine relationship and their own divine knowing by facilitating spaces, and creating opportunities and developing processes that enable people to touch their own divine essence -that is a part of how we activate and ignite in the world.

Spiritual activists also recognize the times that we are in. They are aware of what wants to be healed: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically -in the context of the times that they operate within.   They come with a kind of relevance for the times they serve in and they carry forth a commitment to transform, to help heal, to uplift, to help empower. They do that -not only individually, but in our communities, society, globally, and on the level of human consciousness. They don’t just recognize what individually needs to be healed, but they recognize what society and human consciousness is working to heal. They are operating in service to that, whether they are dealing one-on-one or working in a group of mass.

They’re all about bringing humanity back into the truth, back into a framework of love, into liberation, into courageous, loving, authentic, truth telling, embodying and expressing and being in the world in whatever way we do that through our products, through our services, and through our experiences, and through the transformations that we develop and create.

Spiritual activists are a part of a long legacy. This isn’t something new. This has been going on for thousands and thousands of years.

Jesus was a spiritual activist. Dalai Lama. Buddha. If you think about all the lineages. Then there were people who didn’t come from a specific spiritual lineage, but they walked with Spirit in one hand, and change in the other. Social, global, societal transformation. Harriet Tubman and Mother Theresa are good examples. They had a fierce commitment to wanting to bring us back to love. Fierce commitment to liberation, to enlightening, empowering, to engaging and uplifting the brilliance and magnificence of other people.

Spiritual activists operate in a way that is advancing.


Abundance thinking is really about recognizing that there is enough love, money, shine, brilliance, know how, and more than enough work to do.

Rha acknowledged that sometimes we get into a place of scarcity thinking…and we think because so and so is doing it, there must not be room for my contribution.

But when we ask ourselves…Is the problem solved, or do we still have people suffering from anxiety and depression? Do we still have people walking around overstretched, overwhelmed and overcommitted? Do we still have societal structures that are treating people as less than humane? Then we realize that there is a lot of work to do.

There is no scarcity around the amount of work that needs to be done. There is no scarcity around the contribution that wants and needs to be made.

We all have a role/part to play

Every single one of us has a role to play to be a part of the solution. Each of us has our own part to play. Our number 1 job is to do the inner work to get clear about what that part is and then the inner and outer work to share that contribution far and wide -whether we are playing local or global.

We have a responsibility and an opportunity to bring that which is uniquely ours to bring. And it is ours to bring it. Our world shifts based upon the level of conscious enlightened contribution that is showing up and happening in these times.

Things that get in the way of showing up…

Competition, Comparing, and the Money thing (thinking “I know what I’m supposed to be doing but I don’t know how I am going to pay my rent.”)

We need to begin with a fundamental belief that God’s work is prosperously ordained.

What this means is that there is no way that you could be doing the work of upliftment, expansion and love, and that you should have to suffer or want or need for anything.

You come with a divine inheritance. You come with a storehouse, a wheelhouse, and a well house that is filled with whatever you need, want, and desire. When you don’t tap into that flow, you are not able to fully express in your true capacity.

We want to have an abundant relationship with our resources because our resources enable us to have the most expansive form of our expression.

We need to start believing that our work is ordained and resourced and sourced with everything we could possibly need, want, and desire. The exchange that we engage in with the people that we serve represents a celebration of that divine energy. The exchange -the reciprocity, the giving and the receiving is a natural part of what it means to be alive and expressed and what it is to be coming from love, sharing loving, giving love, and receiving love. And receiving love.

What gets in the way, often around money, is our capacity to receive.

  • Because of who we think we are, or who we think we are not
  • Because of what we think we have or what is we believe we don’t have
  • Because of what we think we’re entitled to and what we believe we are not entitled to

Much of these beliefs come from messaging we received growing up, in our society, our community, and sometimes our friends.

Many of us struggle with feelings of unworthiness.

How is it showing up for you?

Community resources in Los Angeles

If you are feeling lost, disconnected, and far from home, community resources in the Los Angeles area that Rha recommended are:

  • The Meditation Den
  • Mystic Yoga
  • Insight Meditation
  • Agape

Community & Grounding in Yourself

Community is one piece of it -the other part is grounding in yourself. Deepening your practices. What feeds you -nature, being in water, in communion with others, what replenishes you? Quiet time, Yoga time, silent walking, green juice?

You need to allow time to enable the energy to channel from the top to the bottom so that you are fortified. You also need to shield and preserve your energy. Successful people manage their energy.

So, find Community. Find a buddy.  Check in weekly with your buddy and ask:

  • How are you doing?
  • How is it going?
  • What are you working on?
  • What are you challenged by?

Create partnerships in the Spirit Junkies community -as a source of grounding and fortification for you.

Your cup has to be full, before you start to pour into other people.

Fear of Scrutiny

Success comes with very public and very confrontational challenges.

How do we maintain calm in the storm? That is not a lot of what we are seeing modeled right now. Somebody strikes and then somebody strikes back. Then it gets hot and heavy.

We’re going to have to build a different kind of resilience if we’re serious about the change we want to make. A kind of resilience that enables us to withstand that kind of scrutiny.

There is a certain type of scrutiny that doesn’t warrant our attention. This is when someone is lashing out -coming from a very hurt or fearful place and they are not interested in anything productive. They just want to lash out. With this kind of scrutiny -we just bow, thank them for sharing, and move on.

There are other types of scrutiny that invite us to grow. It can help us identify what some of our blind spots are. If we take the time and go deep, we may find that there is something in there for us to grow through and move through.

Clients are going to come and go. People will come for a reason and a season and sometimes for a lifetime. This is the natural flow of things.

Sometimes we get feedback that is very useful to us. It may feel tender, but we may find that there is some wisdom there. There is some learning that is really important to us. It might be teaching us that this is not the type of person I am supposed to serve. It helps us understand where we need to tighten up or get stronger in some areas.

It is important to learn how to take stock in your work. Where did you bring it, and where did you fall short? We want to be in an inquiry like this in a loving way, where we don’t tip into self-loathing. We want to refrain from self-loathing. Nothing productive comes from it.

Ask yourself, what was my intention? Where you stand, is in the power of your intentions. Where do I need to organize or tighten up? You are still being self-loving and nurturing as you look for the lessons.

If a client leaves, pay attention to who wants to show up in their space.

About Sharing Your Gifts

Remember about sharing your gifts ….If you don’t bring it, we don’t get it.

Continue to ask Source -how do you want to use me today? Show me all the ways you already are working through me? Show me all of the ways I am already doing your work? Show me how I can lean in more? Show me how can I find and see those people who are right and ready for what I offer?

Continue to deepen your spiritual practices. Strengthening that connection. Calling on Source before you step into your work.

If you’ve made a mistake. Forgiveness is the key. Create a space to forgive yourselves and others. We all bumble and stumble. No one is immune. Give yourself space for forgiveness. The temptation is to close down and go into shame, but you really want to do the work to stay open and loving. To keep nurturing and connecting and asking to be shown as part of your practice.

Am I worthy of this -to take this on? 

We all bump up against this question. Each of us has a history. Maybe rough journey growing up or our current circle isn’t really showing us much love.

Because you are here, you are worthy. There is nothing else you need to do. Just by virtue of the fact that you draw breath, you are worthy to do God’s work. The work you get to lean into is the connection between what you are here to bring to the world and those who are just waiting for you and craving what you have to offer.

You have the full right to heal any false conversations and beliefs that tell you that you are not worthy -and to ignore and disregard any societal messages that try to tell you that you are not worthy. You have the right to create loving boundaries with love ones that do not support your feelings of worthiness. You have the right to shift community to surround yourself with people who do see your worthiness. Prioritizing these efforts for yourself is imperative if you are feeling unworthy.

Fear & Courage

Fear stops us. We need to learn to breath through the fear.

Fear is natural anytime we are stepping out of our comfort zone, and anytime we are embracing anything that really and truly matters to us, we’re going to have fear.

“Take your terror with you.” You can be afraid and still do the thing. You can have fear and still show up. You can create the course, or create the gathering and know that the muscle you are building when you do these things is your courage muscle.”

There is no way that we can do the truth, light, and work of God -and not have a practice of Courage. We must have courage. We need to focus on building courage all the time. Courage is the most important virtue. You have it and are capable of it.

Healing Ourselves

Our capacity to see is blocked because of our conditioning. Many people have negative childhood patterns of lack and unworthiness. We have to heal those childhood experiences if we want to be the light. We need to know that they aren’t our fault. Use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), EMDR, use all of your resources for our own healing work and create space for our healing work -to examine what is going on -to heal and repair anything that triggers you.

Triggers are never about what’s in the moment, it is always about what it is reminding us of. We need to consistently give time to ourselves to nurture the little girl/boy inside, to forgive, release, and let go. Giving ourselves regular times to do this, gives us more resilience and the strength to deal with some of those challenges when they emerge.

I worry that I can’t find clients. 

Where are you spending your time?

Are you in communities where your clients live?

Are you clear about who your clients are?

Have you given clear voice about who you are looking for? Start expressing who you are looking from in your communication through social media, your branding pages, and conversation with other clients, etc.

Being in the proximity -conferences, workshops, retreats. Start showing up where you know your beloveds are hanging out. Ask Source to Show me the people who need what is it that I have to give. Your clarity is a magnet. Your intentionality is a magnet. Your proximity is being in the vicinity of people who you want to serve. Your clarity of intention. Your clarity of vision. There is more than enough for you. Pay attention to the abundance not the lack. Keep your eyes on the prize of abundance.

Being labeled as woo woo. 

It is starting to shift. The more that we show up authentically, the more people will feel our fire. It’s important to allow all the parts of who we are to be integrated in our teaching. That will allow us to land authentically with all of our edges and all of our light. Our light and some of our shadow is how we need to show up to do the work we are here to do.

All of what I’m experiencing in life inspires what it is that I have to bring and relevant to people I’m serving.

Recommendations for people who are working a day job and trying to keep up.

Having consistent practices that fortify you and enable you to show up in the fullness of your whole self. What are you paying attention to -pull back from the gossip. Eating food that gives you energy. Finding times throughout the day - You may need to take time in the morning, the middle of the day, or the evening. Anytime you feel your energy being drained, you may have to come into silence to reconnect and recharge.

Affirmations – Allow these to become your mantras.

I know I am divinely connected.

I know I am connected to source.

Speak these to yourself anytime you feel a sense of concern for being all of who you are. Your whole self must come to the party -not in a way that is draining and exhausting -but in a way that is liberating.

Meditation & Prayers

When it comes to meditation/prayer -the amount of time isn’t as important as consistency in connecting with spirit.

Ask God, show me how to do this. Show me how to organize my time. Show me where to focus my time.

Buddy up and stay in the conversation.

Create a transition ritual between clients -release the energy from the last conversation and prepare yourself with open and loving energy for the next conversation.

Lean into Love. Experience the bounty. All is well. There is enough. You are worthy. You are a manifestation of the divine.


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