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What Are Your Obstacles?

What Are Your Obstacles?

What is your obstacle? We all have at least one obstacle. Something that is getting in the way of us living our best life or accomplishing our personal or health goals. Setting goals is step one to making progress with anything in your life, we all know that. But the process of achieving those goals can get more complicated. Let us help you set and reach your goals and remove the obstacles that are standing in your way. 

Sometimes these challenges feel like giant red stop signs; but often, they’re learning experiences that will ultimately benefit you once you overcome them. You will experience challenges that are both minor and major throughout your life, and it is up to you to decide how you’re going to react to them. If you’re able to navigate through obstacles, you will find that a goal that once seemed unattainable will start to become a reality.

1. Adjust Your Attitude

Some people perceive obstacles as an opportunity to problem solve and grow, while others see them as threats or signs that success isn’t possible. Your perception of barriers to meeting your goals has an impact on how you move forward with achieving them. If you see obstacles as a sign of probable failure, you’ll feel overwhelmed with negative emotions when you face any type of challenge. Your negative attitude will weaken your motivation to work toward your goals.

2. Take Some Time

When you hit an obstacle, don’t panic. Give yourself time to process the situation and come to terms with the challenge. This will help prevent you from doing something that you will later regret. Make peace with the obstacle, accept it, and then work toward moving past it. The larger the obstacle, the more time you will need to process it. During this time, take a step back so you can see the issue from a greater perspective. 

3. Take Control

Regain control of your project or task. You want to avoid feeling helpless by taking a proactive look at the actions you can take to move forward. Try to be objective about your hurdles. Take control of the things that you can, and let go of the rest. You'll feel a lot lighter! 

4. Break It Down, Smaller Goals Are Easier To Visualize

If your hurdle seems overwhelming, break it down as much as you can into smaller, more manageable parts. When you see it all laid out, identify every potential obstacle and consider any potential alternate paths to reaching your goal. You can break down your obstacles into small and manageable parts. Identify every potential obstacle and consider any potential alternate paths to reaching your goal.

5. Maintain a Strong Foundation

Recovering from a setback starts before the problem even arises. The stronger your footing, the harder it will be to knock you down, and the easier it will be for you to recover. Part of building that mental strength involves maintaining proper physical health by getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, and exercising. It’s also critical to have a support system and reliable resources in case you need help. 

6. Move Forward with Commitment

Rather than aiming to “get back on track” after you hit a snag, you will want to find your new track. You faced a challenge that probably disrupted you a bit, and now you need to adjust to the new circumstances. Sometimes we need to alter your approach a bit to see if it brings you more success. If you want different results, you need to try different things. 

7. Keep Motivation High

One main reason why people quit before reaching their goals is that they fail to keep going once “the going gets tough”. Track your progress so you have a visual sign of what has been accomplished. Then reward yourself for small wins, and visualize yourself achieving your goal. There are a lot of ways you can keep your motivation high when facing hurdles to achieving your long-term goal.

Do you need someone to help you set and reach your goals? Are you suffering, not feeling quite like yourself? Ready to restore your health, using a more natural approach? Rose Wellness Center can help you! We are accepting new patients! See one of our Functional Medicine physicians, or maybe our Health Coach or Nutritionist is the right fit for you. Either way, we can help you on your journey to healing. Take your first step today! Call (571)529-6699, option 3 to begin overcoming your obstacles. 


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