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| 10/02/2019

Truly Integrative Functional Medicine at Rose Wellness

Truly Integrative Functional Medicine at Rose Wellness

Sushma Hirani, M.D., a family medicine practitioner, has been practicing integrative medicine using the best of conventional and alternative medicine techniques for the past 12 years. When a patient has what Hirani refers to as their “Aha! moment”—the moment they finally start to understand why their body is behaving the way it is—the healing process begins automatically because they not only feel empowered, they also have renewed hope. Hirani’s team will look for the root cause and focus efforts on treating it. Rose Wellness believes in restoring and maintaining good health by strengthening the body’s own healing power to overcome chronic illnesses. Hirani’s approach is to integrate the best of traditional and holistic medical care. It is a fulfilling experience to be in charge of your own health, and Rose Wellness will help you explore your power to do so.

Hirani was motivated to transform her patient load into a subscription-based practice this Summer. When you start transforming your health the natural way, it is a process that takes time. To provide her patients with the most integrative care, she is providing more tools, resources and extra support. The reward for your dedication and commitment and our strong team of support, is a strong mind and body and a gift of good health which is long lasting. Bringing in these extra tools and resources has already helped hundreds of people that joined the Rose Wellness subscription program. Our Health Coach has been helping bridge the gap between medical recommendations and helping to implement recommendations into patient’s daily lives. By creating this supportive partnership, patients will achieve positive change.

The team at Rose Wellness treats a multitude of conditions including hormone imbalances, thyroid disorders, auto-immune conditions, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, women’s health issues, men’s health, allergies and chronic pain. Illness is not the only thing that brings people to Rose Wellness. Preventive health care and health maintenance draw in patients as well. According to Hirani, there are five foundational elements to good health—a well-balanced diet, an efficient digestive system, a good hormone or endocrine balance, a healthy emotional state and regular or adequate body detoxification. These elements are examined and discussed at each appointment to get the best picture of each individual’s health and healing journey.

The practice’s website, contains information on the most common conditions they treat, as well as frequent articles and blog posts on health and wellness. Additionally, free webinars are held every month on a variety of topics

At the center, Hirani is joined by other highly trained and accomplished health care practitioners. Dr. Alex Leon, an integrative medicine physicianspecializes in men’s health care, chronic pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, hormone replacement for men, GI and allergic disorders. Dr. Michael Liss, a classical homeopath, specializes in finding relief from various emotional and physical health problems including substance abuse, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress, allergies, asthma, autism, childhood ailments, hair and skin disorders and sinus disorders.

Elizabeth McMillan, a board-certified nutritionist and health coach, specializes in functional nutritional therapy and integrative health. McMillan helps treat diabetes, metabolic syndrome, food sensitivities, gastrointestinal health, autoimmunity, hormone imbalances in men and women and other metabolic complications. Homa Hashime is a licensed acupuncturist and an Advanced Detoxification Specialist with experience in auricular acupuncture for addiction and stress reduction. She has experience treating various acute and chronic conditions including stress, depression, anxiety, infertility, eating disorder, PTSK, menstrual problems, migraine headaches, and varies painful joints and muscular conditions using acupuncture, herbs, nutritional supplements, craniosacral therapy, and cupping treatment.

Rose Wellness incorporates innovations in traditional medicine, integrative health care and technology to provide the best care to their patients. With a warm and welcoming spacious office, they are gladly accepting new patients and providing excellent care for the entire family.

To connect with the Rose Wellness, call 571-529-6699, option 3 or visit their website at


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