Sandra Chaloux

| 02/09/2017

Tom Brady Wins with Eastern Medicine, Anti-inflammatory Diet, Yoga & Meditation

Tom Brady Wins with Eastern Medicine, Anti-inflammatory Diet, Yoga & Meditation

I’m always happy to share examples of how a different mindset and lifestyle approach can make all the difference. My hat is off to Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post for her article on Tuesday, February 9, 2017, Brady wins, perseveres by defying convention.

My husband, an avid football fan, who used to mock me for my use of Alternative Medicine, couldn’t wait for me to read her article.

Jenkins points out that Brady’s most revolutionary act was seizing control of his own body from a league that has ruined many men with archaic training methods and “corrupt medical practices rife with painkiller abuses and MRSA infections.” Instead, at almost 40, Brady has never looked or played better.

So the obvious question is, how did he do it? Brady himself said in an interview “I’ve found a unique way, a little outside the box, that really worked for me.” Jenkins points out that Brady sought out an unconventional Eastern-medicine masseuse-trainer, Alex Guerrero. Brady has been mocked by many for his different approach and Guerrero has been called a quack and a fraud.

But what Brady discovered by going outside the box, was that the NFL weight-training was hurting his joints and robbing him of flexibility, and the food he was eating was inflammatory and making him stiff. Brady now consumes no dairy, white sugar or white flour. He focuses as much on flexibility as strength with his workouts. He meditates and does yoga. Brady says, “My arm never hurts, and my body never hurts. I know how to take care of it.”

Beyond his success on the field, part of his legacy, is the information and insight he has passed along to the younger players. You don’t have to age prematurely. This is how you control your own destiny. Jenkins also points out how at every step of his career, Brady has refused to let other people define him. With every instance dating back to college in Michigan, where people said he wasn’t good enough to get the starting position, Brady was able to erase the old perception, and replace it with a new one.

It is so exciting to have another famous athlete share how alternative medicine and a different mindset helped them reach peak performance.

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