By Rose Wellness Center | 04/29/2021

The Importance Of Happiness For Your Health

The Importance Of Happiness For Your Health

We are all tired of this pandemic! It has been wearing us down for well over a year. We have noticed that many of us are really struggling with our health. Recently, researchers asked a group about their state of mind. Studies are showing that, more often than not, people are expressing more feelings of fatigue, lack of will power, lack of energy, and lots of anxiety since March of 2020. So we ask you, do you feel happy? What happened to our happiness? 

The Brain and Happiness:

The frontal lobe, the area of the brain located behind your forehead, is responsible for your behavior, personality, voluntary movements, and learning. This area of the brain allows us to imagine things without ever experiencing them. Our brain has the ability to experience two types of happiness – natural happiness and synthetic happiness. Natural happiness occurs when we get something we want. Synthetic happiness occurs when we do not get what we want, but we remain happy, i.e., finding a silver lining in a bad situation.

The Research Behind Happiness:

Happiness is defined as the state of being happy, the state of contentment, and well-being. Psychology defines the feeling of happiness as the frequent experience of positive emotions, including pride, joy, and interest, along with a decrease of negative emotions like sadness, anger, and anxiety. Harvard university has been studying happiness for the last 75 years. The findings from this study indicate people are happier and healthier when they have healthy relationships and surround themselves with true genuine connections. Some lessons about relationships from this study include-

  • Connections Count – Individuals who are more connected to their community, friends, and family are not only happier, but they are also healthier. 
  • Being Around People Is Not Enough – Having a lot of friends doesn’t ensure happiness, having meaningful relationships is what counts.
  • Relationships Are Vital to Your Health – Meaningful relationships with friends and family members protect the body and the mind.

The Health Factors Associated With Happiness

When people have close relationships and friends to lean on, they experience more happiness, less sickness, and more longevity and well-being. So, what can we do to help you 'get happy'? LOTS! We can help you balance the chemicals in the brain that affect your mood and happiness. These chemicals include serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These all affect your mood, energy, cortisol levels, hormones, thyroid, etc. Do you see why it's important?

So where do you start? Take our Health Check Quiz to assess and identify the areas of your health that need to be addressed first.


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