By Sandra Chaloux | 01/28/2020

The Best Teachers & Guides

The Best Teachers & Guides

Manifesting is a popular topic these days. I was turned on to Richard Dotts, the Author of Dollars Flow To Me Easily, in James Wedmore’s Business By Design online course.

There is a point that Richard Dotts makes in the book that I feel is relevant to share as it relates to changes we want to make with our health (body, mind, & spirit) or sense of abundance. People who come into our world at Wellness Hub, are usually struggling with chronic conditions. These chronic conditions are often the way our body tries to tell us that things we are doing are out of alignment, out of balance. Often times, we can’t see our own blindspots.

This is when we look for help. But how do we know who to trust? This is where your intuition must come in. I love that Richard describes himself as an adventurous spiritual explorer and not as a spiritual teacher or “master” as some of his readers have described him. I love the humility because Richard has written 20 Amazon best sellers. But in reality, we are all students. I personally believe that the best teachers and healers are channels for healing that comes from the Divine/God/Spirit/Universe.

He points out that anyone who applies spiritual principles in their own life, can become a master. “Everyone has the power to design and create his/her own life on his/her own terms.”

“Therefore there is no need to give up your power by going through an intermediary or any spiritual medium. Each time you buy into the belief that your good can only come through a certain teacher or a certain give up the precious opportunity to realize your own good." Richard says "My best teachers were those who helped me recognize the innate power within myself, and kept the faith for me even when I could not see this spiritual truth for myself.”

We have to do the inner work first by tending to our inner states. No one else can do this for us -but a good guide can point us in the right direction. Once we have restored our inner state to a place of profound peace and calmness -that is when miracles can happen. Our inner consciousness quickly becomes manifest in our outer reality. Our physical ailments usually get our attention first. It is a tap on the shoulder, a gift even -to get us to slow down and pay attention -to wake up. It may even be our initiation to our life’s work.

So when it comes to practitioners or “healers” you may consider, ask yourself -Do they empower me and inspire me to take the steps needed to grow and transform? Do they keep faith for me, until I can have faith myself? Our mission at Wellness Hub, is to provide information that empowers you to move from suffering to your natural state of peace, joy, abundance, and vitality.


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