Sandra Chaloux

| 05/04/2021

Self Love Assessment

Self Love Assessment

I wrote these notes down from something I heard -I think this is from Anita Moorjani and is definitely worth sharing.

Self Love Assessment Questions & Journaling Exercise

1. Do I judge myself too harshly?

2. Do I allow people to exploit me?

3. Do I go to the ends of the earth to please other people -even to my own detriment?

4. Do I feel tired and drained often?

5. Do I seek out people who have hurt me to win their approval?

6. Do I fear disappointment?

7. Do I make time for others but not for myself?

8. Do I feel guilty when I do something nice for myself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is room to love yourself more.

Make a list of the things you would do if you really loved yourself and were really honest.

More questions for pondering:

  • What can I say "No" to?
  • How can I open my receiving channel?
  • What is my reason for living? Do I feel I have a purpose?
  • Do I feel trapped in a life I hate?
  • Do I suppress my imagination, desires, calling?
  • Do I have a calling? (Being connected with something exciting helps you connect with your spirit/soul/intuition.)
  • How can I support my body?
  • How can I take care of myself not from a place of fear -but from love?
  • How can I remove stress and fear from my body?
  • Do the practitioners I work with make me feel safe and empowered? Do they welcome my input & honor my suggestions for natural treatment alternatives?
  • Do the practitioners I work with encourage me to focus on healing & creating a life of health and wellness or do they instill fear about a disease in me?
  • Are the practitioners I work with sensitive to my mental & emotional well-being?
  • Which treatment options makes me feel more empowered? Which makes me feel like I am nurturing myself?
  • Do I work with a team of people who support my choices?

Affirmation: I will only engage with those that are loving and appreciative of me.

So many women in particular feel they are being selfish when they take care of their own needs -but it is only in our own thriving that we have anything to offer anyone.

I love Anita's insight about the role of a Spiritual teacher. She says a Spiritual teacher is here to help you strengthen your own inner guidance system rather than strengthen your trust/reliance on them. We all must learn to nourish ourselves from our own wellspring of divinity.


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