By Sandra Chaloux | 09/06/2020

Receiving Energy Healing...Remotely

Receiving Energy Healing...Remotely

Remote, or distant, energy healing is nothing new. In fact, we’ve all taken part in it--either by sending or receiving it--in one way or another. It’s true; though we may not always be conscious of it. Simple examples include a loving phone call or text to your partner when you’re away, or sending positive thoughts or prayers to someone experiencing some kind of hardship. Whether on the sending or receiving end of these exchanges, that feeling of positivity, of being thought about, of love--is energy. Love and positivity, like all energy, transcends time and space. They can be felt, and can actually aid in healing, even if the sender is not physically present. This is because we are more than just our physical bodies, and this is the general philosophy behind remote energy healing. 

It Starts With Intention

We all know about the power of positive thinking: think good things, and good things will happen. This, in a nutshell, explains why remote energy healing can be as effective as in-person treatments. Thoughts and intentions can be extremely powerful. They can be sent over any distance, and, when received, can alter the recipient’s own emotional and mental states. Healers tap into this by bringing into their minds the intent to heal. They enter into a certain state of consciousness--a consciousness that perceives itself as inter-connected, rather than separate. By doing so, they are able to remove their ego and let the universal life force flow freely. The best healers acknowledge that it is the life force itself which actually does the healing. They are simply conduits through which it flows and becomes focused on their intention. Healers are then able to perceive energetic information from the patient and access their energy body. So despite being over distance, healers actually connect these energies with that of the patient’s. This allows them to help cleanse, balance, provide relief, and heal numerous conditions. 

Connect is the key word. Transferring energy is a form of communication, and in any kind of communication, you have the sender, the message, and the receiver. There needs to be a fluid connection between them. In order for the message to get anywhere, the receiver needs to be open to receiving it. The same is true for remote energy healing. You get out of it what you put into it. So, just as healers focus on the intent to heal, you must focus your intentions on being open to receiving the healing energy. Think on the issues you want addressed and on the outcomes you desire. These thoughts become very real energy that the healer can then access. It can really be as simple as that. You can successfully receive remote healing through the energy waves of thought. 

As the need to engage remotely has grown, healers have taken to offering their services through platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and even FaceTime as means of connection. It is now easier than ever to truly receive the same kind of in-person, one-on-one treatment from the comfort of your home. This allows patients to become more comfortable, seeing and talking with their healer. Often, the patient will discuss their concerns--whether physical, mental, and/or emotional--so the healer knows where to focus their energy to support the desired shift in the patient. From there, the patient is usually guided into a lightly meditative state, through deep breathing and visualization exercises.

How Can I Tell If It’s Working?

Because of the unseen nature of energy, there is no definitive, quantitative way to measure the effectiveness of remote energy healing. It’s a feeling. Like everything else, the only true way to know something is to experience it yourself. People receive energy differently, in ways respective to their unique conditions, ailments, mental, and emotional states. As previously mentioned, for remote healing to work, it’s up to you. You have to be open and accepting of it. 

Generally speaking, if you find yourself feeling better after a remote healing session, then a successful transfer of energy has taken place. Positive, healing energy has been transferred to you, while negative energy, causing blockages and issues, has been removed. This feeling is largely dependent upon the type of healing that has been requested, and the focus of the healer’s intention. It has been described by some as a warm sensation, starting at their core and spreading throughout their whole body. Some feel deeply relaxed, while others become more energized. There are those who become more accepting of an aspect of their life, while others become motivated to change it. Tingling sensations and twitches may be felt as physical energy blockages are freed up and pain is relieved. Moods improve. There is a sense of well-being. After a healing session, there is also this common feeling of being lighter, or weightless, as though a heavy burden has been lifted from the patient. 

Let’s Hear From You!

If you’ve taken part in remote energy healing sessions, what was the experience like for you? How did it make you feel and how did it help you? What would you say to someone who’s considering trying remote healing?

And healers: please note that our network is open to practitioners and coaches who offer remote healing services and programs. If interested in sharing your gifts through our hub, please connect with us here!


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