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Optimism Could Be the Key to Better Health

Optimism Could Be the Key to Better Health

Optimism is defined as a mental outlook that the future is filled with hope and success. Optimistic people expect the best while pessimists expect the worse to happen. Optimism offers numerous benefits like superior coping skills, decreased stress levels, improved physical health, along with enhanced tenacity, and persistence. Rather than seeing hardships as trouble, optimists see them as learning experiences. When the day is not going the way they hoped, they look forward to tomorrow for it will surely be a better day.

The Science Behind Optimism

Scientific researchers have reviewed more than 80 studies and have determined that optimism can improve an individual’s physical health. In fact, Harvard University reports that pessimistic men and women had a 42 percent higher death rate than optimistic individuals.

Optimistic individuals are often goal setters and take better care of themselves than pessimistic individuals. Optimistic individuals typically have healthier habits, including getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, getting routine medical checkups, and avoiding risky behaviors like smoking, drug usage, and consuming too much alcohol.

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Optimism and Physical Health

Stress causes inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation can damage your cardiovascular system. Embracing optimism can reduce your stress levels and lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The stress relief provided by optimism can help lower blood pressure levels and decrease your cholesterol levels naturally.

Optimism and Emotional Health

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a technique that helps reframe the way you process your thoughts and information. It has been used successfully to relieve clinical depression. Simply put, cognitive behavioral therapy teaches you how to transform pessimistic thoughts into optimistic thoughts. As you begin learning how to transform your thought patterns using these techniques, your emotional health will improve. Furthermore, when setbacks occur in the future, you will be better prepared to handle the situation.

Optimism can be the key to your improved health. Becoming more mindful of the good things in life helps to reduce your stress levels, which reduces inflammation and muscle tension throughout your body. If you are ready to take control of your health, talk to the integrative medical experts at Rose Wellness. Our practitioners use use the latest medical techniques combined with alternative medicine approaches to improve your health.


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