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| 08/25/2021

Observations about Holistic Healing Work

Observations about Holistic Healing Work

I am studying the channeling work of the Guides (Ascended Masters) by Paul Selig and have been finding the insights and wisdom being taught so profound and worth sharing -especially in light of our focus here at Wellness Hub. I recently listened to Paul's workshop on Raising Your Vibration. The following are some of the things I am learning:

Energy Healing & Physical Healing

As we recognize that we are energy beings, we also understand that our experiences are not just contained in physical form as we have identified with up until this time. The Guides do not tell us to bypass medicine for frequency. Medicine is frequency in a different form. However, you can understand that when there is an energy system within us that is blocked/stagnant, or is in form in a way that is not operating swiftly or healing well, it can be dealt with through choice in clearing and moving energy. We are talking about a dysfunction in the body that has been created for whatever reasons that now needs to be understood in order to be cleared.

Where Healing Comes From – Notes from the Guides in the book I Am the Word (Paul Selig)

When an Ego believes it can fix a broken leg -maybe a doctor who knows a system in the physical realm that can change and heal people. But the doctor himself/herself does not heal the broken leg. The doctor can reset the bone. The body and the energy field of the body is in the process of healing itself.

When you say – I am healing this man’s wound in consciousness. Your personality self is not healing that man’s wound in consciousness. The healing is happening at a level of frequency. To the extent that you misalign your identity on a personality level with the healing frequency, you can make yourself fairly sick.

Paul has had the experience as a healer of wanting someone to be healed so badly that he depletes his own energy field. And in using his own energy field consciously to do the healing, he was actually misappropriating his power. He was using his field as the Source of the frequency as opposed to understanding that his energy field is the conduit. The Creator works through you to the extent that you self-identify with that frequency.

How to Get Clarity about Where To Focus As a Facilitator of Healing

At the end of the Raise Your Vibration channeling class, Paul takes questions from the live participants. One question and answer in particular relates to practitioners and coaches in the healing space.

Q. I work with people in wellness, and I felt this shift in that, I’m kind of floundering around. (Note: I am noticing this in many practitioners -myself included.) And I just wanted to know if the direction I’m starting to move in is the right one. I’m kind of conflicted between working more with the energetics of things, or continuing in genetics, or maybe melding the two together.

A. Paul - "I hear that it’s not even anything that you have to answer yet. This is coming from the Guides. I hear this will show itself. Your preferences will be known because that’s where your attention goes. If you are shoulding yourself – “I should do this or that”, you are going to be tempted to make decisions based upon external things. If you listen to your heart’s desire –“This is what I am led to and where I want to spend my time” -you will find satisfaction in whatever you do. Period. That was all from the Guides. I hear “ let yourself be worked through. Stop trying. Let yourself be a conduit. No one is a healer. One facilitates healing, becomes the ambassador of a teaching, but indeed it is the Divine that is the healer, that is the teacher, and will learn through you as you agree to honor it. Period. Paul asked the Guides to explain what they mean by will learn through you. A. Imagine you decide one day that you want to learn something. Don’t you understand that the Divine is present through this and agreeing to you and supporting the learning? It’s an agreement in will to develop in a higher way. It can be a modality, yes but it can also be how you cross the street and greet your neighbor. Allow yourself to be led. You will continue to learn.

Raising Your Vibration to Support the Healing & Transformation of Others

I highly recommend Paul Selig's Books & Classes of Channeled Teachings from the Guides for those practitioners or coaches who want to be at the top of their game when it comes to being facilitators of healing for others.

They teach you how to rise to the frequency of the Divine so that your energy field can then work in tandem with it. In this way you are observing that of myself, I am nothing. The Divinity within me does the work. I am self identifying with that Divinity and to the extent that I have achieved this in a vibrational frequency, I can begin to unfold my gifts in spirit. Which means I can be used in a higher level to support the healing and transformation of others. But the moment I think it is me, the moment that someone says, “I can fix you.” You are dealing with an ego problem and a misalignment of energies.

Your personality self is not taking an ax to the boulder (patterns of pain). God within you is working on the boulder and the Word is the frequency of God in action. "I am Word through that which I see before me" creates a higher potential of that which is before me.  I am Word through my intention to release this pattern that creates this pain, sets that intention to release.

Energy healers and medical intuitives can often see images in the Chakras of their clients (Energy centers in the body like the solar plexus) and can see or sense the strings to the attachments (the behavior, pattern, beliefs -that are holding you back.) When a healer reveals what is seen and states "I Am Word through the need to hold onto this pain. I Am Word through the attachment or whatever holds this pain to me on any level, he/she can clear those things as well." This is not done in a way to deny a present symptom, but instead to see the physical ailment as healed and capable of healing. This is done through the intention.

" I am Word through this part of my client that needs to be realigned in healing. Word I am Word through the one before me."

When you are tuning to the Word, the Word operates in frequency. And what you are doing when you are sending the Word is aligning the Word to do the work that is required in your client. All that is required of you is the intention to allow frequency to be in the work of realigning. You are not there to fix something. It is not your job to fix anything. Fixing and transforming are two very different things. Transforming and healing is bringing the higher frequency to do the work consciously to realign the energy field in the way that is required.

According to the Guides in Paul Selig's book,   The Book of Love & Creation, all disease begins in frequency before it manifests into the physical body. So all healing, of course, must begin in the auric field as well.

"I am now choosing to see my client in his/her health, in his/her wellness, and in his/her divine perfection. Word I am Word through this intention for my client. Word I am Word."

"This sends the frequency to the one you know and puts them in the position to work with the energies to bring them forth into healing manifestations. However, there is always free will, and you cannot dictate how this energy is used. You are simply sending frequency and allowing the frequency to do what is required to do. Your job is always to be the Word. To be the Word means you are not worrying, you are not demanding, nor are you even deciding what is truthful for this other person. You are simply a conduit for the Divine Love that would move through you."

Hope these ideas light you up! We are looking for Practitioners, Coaches, & Energy Healers to be a part of our high vibration community & network. If this resonates with you, I'd love to chat to learn more about your work and explore how we can support you.


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