Sandra Chaloux

| 01/06/2017

New Year, More Joy

New Year, More Joy

With every New Year, we have the chance to reflect and set a new intention for ourselves and hit the reset button. I like the word “intention” better than “resolution”. Somehow intention seems more positive and loving. Maybe that is because what New Years have meant to me in the past is a resolution to lose weight, exercise more, and a restrictive detox diet, blah, blah, blah. Maybe you have been there too.

What I have realized about those prior years is that those resolutions came from a punishing shameful mindset, certainly not a loving, joyful mindset. These types of resolutions usually last about 1 month. Maybe you have seen how packed the Gyms are through January and how they get back to normal volume in February.
This year my New Year Intention is to squeeze more Joy into my life – more play, less struggle and stress.

Let me share how this intention got onto my radar screen. It started with a scare about calcification in my carotid arteries that showed up on a CT Scan that I did for a fitting for a mouth appliance (mild sleep apnea). With a follow-up ultrasound of the carotid arteries, thankfully the calcification turned out to be mild, not narrowing, and the same level that appeared on a scan I had in 2009.

Anyway, I always like to compare conventional medicine testing information with holistic medicine testing–and in this case, I went to my acupuncturist who did an electro meridian scan. (You can learn about these scans here.)

What I learned from the electro meridian scan is that my energy levels for both the heart and pericardium (tissue surrounding the heart) meridians were low. My acupuncturist reminded me that this may not be the result of the physical heart but could actually be from the emotional heart. (You will never hear something like this from a cardiologist). He told me I needed to find more joy and add more rest. Too much yang, not enough yin. I have to admit, I loved this diagnosis. What a great thing to be given permission to find more joy. Some of us seem to need to be reminded to take time out for rest and the things that bring us joy. That sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Later when I was congratulating a long-time friend about a new job he was taking, and I told him what the acupuncturist said to me, he told me that he knew what I meant about not having enough joy in your life and then told me about the challenging year he just had.

A few days later when exiting my yoga class, out of the blue a woman in the class told the instructor and me about a book she was reading called The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a New York Times Bestseller just published last year. The instructor and I both agreed this book sounded intriguing and one we wanted to purchase too. Do you think God was trying to communicate something to me here with all these conversations within a few days about Joy?

I began to realize that maybe I am not alone in trying to figure out how to experience more Joy in my life–in the midst of the hustle to succeed and the efforts to become the best version of ourselves.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you. We’d love to hear from you if you have a New Year Intention you would like to share with the Wellness Hub community.


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