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| 10/23/2017

Natural Remedies for Heart Health & High Blood Pressure

Natural Remedies for Heart Health & High Blood Pressure

With heart disease, heart attacks, and other heart conditions like pericarditis, arrhythmia, heart palpitations, and more on the rise, it’s time to understand the true cause of common heart conditions. This information is different than you have heard before.

This is a summary of Anthony William’s Medical Medium radio show on Heart Health on Hay House radio.!/episode/-heart-health

High Blood Pressure is caused by a liver problem. It is a liver condition. The liver is getting stagnant, congested, and sluggish. The heart is working harder to suck blood up –from the liver (like sucking a smoothie from a straw). The liver is the filter for the heart so the heart can get fresh, clean blood. You can improve the situation when you reduce your intake of processed food, fat and animal protein, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Eating more vegetables and fruit will thin your blood. This is how blood pressure goes down. The liver gets a break from fat (from ketogenic and paleo fad diets). People who have been eating a lot of animal protein are getting fatty liver and getting sick. Paleo is going toward more green juices, a vegan diet with a little bit of lean protein.

People get better when they take the animal fat out and they eat healthy vegetable fat, veggies, and fruit. Anthony recommends skipping animal protein for lunch and having avocado/guac instead and just doing animal protein for dinner. He also recommends taking out dairy because it feeds viruses (Ebstein-Barr Virus). Ebstein Barr Virus can cause problems in the liver as well.

Anthony also warns Vegans from using 5 lbs of nuts and seeds in their recipes. Need to lower plant fat too, bring in more leafy greens and fruit. Many Vegans eat tons of eggs and fish and nuts. He recommends taking the eggs out because they feed viruses and pathogens. Anthony is independent and works for us –not operating by one belief system such as vegan or paleo.

Exercise makes it better.

High Cholesterol is also a liver condition –the liver gets clogged up with viral debris, congested. Need to lower fat. You do need Omega 3’s.

Heart Palpitations – caused by sticky jelly produced by Ebstein-Barr Virus by-product in the liver, gets into the artery and gets into the mitral valve –causing heart palpitations, toxic heavy metals cause vagus nerve spasms. Viruses such as HH6, Shingles, EBV can cause Afib.

Pericarditis – the thin sack around the heart and it swells. The cause is HHV6 and certain varieties of Shingles that cause it. A raging Ebstein-Barr Virus can cause it too.

Need anti-viral supplements and foods to address these heart conditions.

Endocarditis – inner liner of the heart –caused by viral infection –HHV6

Blood Clots/Strokes – Strokes are viral infections. Stagnant liver, with sodium/potassium loss, and dehydration.

Exercise –Don’t over-exercise –can burn out the heart from rapid beating for so long -hours and hours a day. Extreme athletes. You need to take care of the heart on the back end by eating the right things and taking the right supplements. You don’t want to under-exercise either. You also have to do more for your heart on the back end if you under-exercise (eating right and the right supplements).

What protects the heart? Antioxidants. They keep us alive. Our cells oxidize. Anthony recommends getting antioxidants from food. Antioxidants stop the heart from aging –keeps the heart young –heart youth.

Recommended Foods for Heart Health (containing Antioxidants)



Oranges –Calcium protects the nervous system, Vitamin C (3 a day)

Wild blueberries (frozen)






Rosehip tea (high in Vitamin C and antiviral)



Asparagus –frozen and steam it up

Kale –strengthens the thin sack around the heart



Squash – strengthens the middle layer of the inner heart

Celery –got mineral salts –critical for everything in the body –fuel for the heart. The heart is a muscle and needs mineral salts. The heart runs on electricity. Mineral salts conduct electricity. Magnesium. Potassium. Sodium.

Dates – potassium

Supplements for the heart



Magnesium Glycinate/Citrate


Barley Grass Juice Powder

Hawthorne Berry Tea –helps kill off viruses that get into the heart

B12 –

Rosehip tea

Zinc – Anti-viral

Vitamin C – Ester C –thins the blood

Mullein leaf supplement or tea

Omega 3’s from Walnuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds but not from fish oil supplements. Fish oil is the worst kind of Omega 3’s. Fish is better than fish oil capsules. (Mercury clusters in the oils and is impossible to remove in the oil).

Check out the directory of supplements that Anthony recommends here.

it is important to lower your fat intake, especially if you are experiencing heart health symptoms.


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