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| 10/05/2017

Natural Remedies for Anxiety & Depression

Natural Remedies for Anxiety & Depression

I recently learned about Anthony William. He is known as the Medical Medium and is the author of a very interesting book by the same name. He also has a radio show on Hay House radio. Anthony has an intriguing story. Starting at the age of 4, he says that Spirit started revealing to him information about people’s health conditions. Anthony is not an MD and has no medical training but he has helped tens of thousands of people get the answers they need and heal themselves. He is on a mission to debunk some of the inaccurate information about medical conditions that are prevalent in our society. He claims that his information is from a “clean” source and the most advanced healing information available anywhere.

In his recent radio show, he talks about Anxiety & Depression and how much of the medical information that gets out there comes from interest groups, private panels of influencers, medical funding with strings attached. He talks about how alternative medicine and conventional medicine practitioners have to sift through it all and make judgment calls in their own practice.

I would also add that we have to be educated consumers, explore the options, and determine what feels right for us when it comes to our own healthcare. (That is why I started Wellness Hub.)

The following are some highlights from Anthony’s radio show on Anxiety & Depression.

He points out that anxiety and depression are no joke and can be crippling. He says that there are so many different types of anxiety. Everyone’s anxiety is unique – a signature of each person’s soul, life, nervous system, liver, heart, level of compassion, caring, and life experience. Same with depression. He says it is not possible for anyone else to have the same exact depression as you. Stay tuned…he explains why.

Anthony says that Serotonin is a theory and that there is no real science behind it. He goes on to say that “Science has no credibility in chronic illness. Science has to come out with a theory, make it law, to sell something. The theory about Serotonin that has been widely accepted is that it controls your mood, social behavior, appetite, libido, and sleep.” Anthony says that serotonin doesn’t do that. He says that Serotonin’s single role is to aid in peristaltic (wavelike muscular contractions) action in the gastrointestinal tract. He says that serotonin has nothing to do with anxiety and depression. This incorrect theory is a major problem. “Nonsense that became law.”

I find his snarky personality very funny. At the same time, you can tell he really cares about getting his information out there to help people sort it out.

Anthony says that what really happens with depression is that emotional stress causes intense heat internally like lightning bolts inside our brain on a scale we can handle. When that storm increases because you got some bad news, the electrical impulses become so hot –intense heat –emotional heat, it burns out the neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain. The neurotransmitter chemicals protect the brain and include glucose, sodium/salt, chloride, and a little bit of calcium. He says that anxiety comes from the heat burning brain tissue. “The heat is so hot and is constantly burning out the neurotransmitter chemicals and the tissue next to it starts to wither and wane. It can be cured, healed, and fixed. Every person’s brain cells are different from everyone else’s also.

Anthony says that the brain needs a lot of glucose (the right kind found in many fruits). Glucose is one of the most powerful things needed to protect the brain. People often experience anxiety and depression at different times (oscillating between the two). Again, none of us experience anxiety and or depression in the exact same way.

Anxiety and depression are also caused by toxic heavy metals. He says that heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, lead, copper, steel alloys) rule the gamma of the brain. We all have different metals in the brain (to varying degrees) because we are exposed to them in the air and because we eat off cheap steel hardware/utensils (forks and spoons) made in China which are malleable and leach into our food. He asks us to think of the spoons that are worn out –where did the metal go? He mentioned how many people he knows who have removed mercury fillings from their teeth and suffered from anxiety soon after. “We have to get rid of heavy metals to heal anxiety and depression.”

He mentioned how many people he knows who have removed mercury fillings from their teeth and suffered from anxiety soon after. “We have to get rid of heavy metals to heal anxiety and depression.”

Ebstein Barr Virus (EBV) is also a huge contributor to depression as well. Anthony says that Ebstein Barr Virus feeds off of heavy metals, eggs, and dairy. (More on EBV in his book and a subsequent blog post).

So the steps Anthony recommends to heal anxiety and depression naturally include:

Removing Heavy Metals from our bodies/brains

Building up Neurotransmitter Chemicals in the body

Building up new Neurons

Getting electrolytes from foods to stop anxiety & depression

Getting the right type of glucose to the brain

Seems reasonable to me.

He also wants people to know that panic attacks can’t kill you. It helps a lot of people to know this because, during a panic attack, people think they are going to die or lose it. It helps lower anxiety when people know that a panic attack can’t kill you.

He says that depression is caused by emotional wounds, heavy metals, and EBV. Some people have too many emotional wounds and not enough time in between to heal. Some people with depression live in a land of hopelessness. Depression can take over. People suffering from depression are often told to snap out of it. He says you can’t just snap out of it. There is no snapping out of it. Toxic heavy metals is a very big part of depression –especially mercury and aluminum. (Heavy metals oxidize and run off like waste from a toxic waste site.) We can also have an insufficient diet, one that does not generate enough neurotransmitter chemicals to rejuvenate brain cells, neurons, and the central nervous system.

He says that Adrenals (adrenaline) also play a role. Adrenaline and cortisol burn up neurotransmitter chemicals –and lead to depression and anxiety. He says that if you have had an acute adrenaline attack, you may experience depression for the next few days following. Long term, if you have high levels of cortisol and adrenaline, are always amped up, not eating every couple of hours, eventually, the adrenaline starts to burn up neurotransmitters. Anthony concludes that we have to take care of our adrenals and nervous system as well.

Lastly, he acknowledged that magnesium deficiency is also quite common.

The good news is that it can all be fixed naturally.

Supplements that can help with Anxiety & Depression (Recommended by Anthony William) Check out his directory of recommended supplement brands at 

Magnesium is very important. Anthony likes Magnesium Glycinate

MagMind & Neuro-Mag


Calcium (not too much because it is heavy on the kidneys). Anthony says he does like a Calcium/Magnesium combination.

Rescue Remedy Gummies –takes the heat off some people’s anxiety

Lemon Balm Tinctures (alcohol-free –great to knock down anxiety. 3-4 dropper fulls great when you are up against confrontation. Cools down liver, brain, neurotransmitters. Miracle Herb! Also knocks down your viral load.


California Poppy –natural pain reliever, drops anxiety down.

B12 Methylcobalamin


L’Lysine –knocks down your viral load

Licorice –knocks down your viral load

Vitamin C – helps to detox

Foods for healing Anxiety & Depression

Cucumber Juice – 10 sips great for anxiety & depression

Coconut Water

Lemon or Lime Water –great for electrolytes and neurotransmitters

Celery Juice –do it straight if you are dealing with anxiety and depression –gives mineral salts to build up the electrolytes (16 ounces a day)

Bananas great for anxiety and depression



Wild Blueberries





Winter Squash




Apples –an apple a day is great to alleviate anxiety & depression


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