By Rose Wellness Center | 02/02/2021

National Self-Check Month!

National Self-Check Month!

National Self-Check Month is a reminder that every day of the year we can take charge of our health and increase our odds of avoiding chronic disease and other often preventable conditions. We all have our reasons for avoiding a checkup or self-check. We’re too busy, or we don’t want to know the truth. National Self Check Month brings to your fingertips a variety of self-empowering and proactive early detection and preventative resources and tools to guide us through healthcare related fears and concerns.

"Through prevention, early detection self-checks and wellness care, people can help reduce the odds of getting ill in the first place." Doing so can mean the difference between living a full and happy life, suffering from illness or dying too early, "yet people often find lots of excuses: They're too busy, they're scared or convinced it won't happen to them, or they're just not comfortable." 

National Self-Check Month is a great time for people to sit down and talk with loved ones about health concerns, perform self-checks and schedule wellness visits with healthcare professionals. During February, and all year long, we encourage patients to be self-empowering and use the tools and resources we provide to help guide them through healthcare-related fears and concerns. #NationalSelfCheckMonth.  

Even if you are proactive, someone in your life may not be. National Self -Check Month provides an opportunity for you to sit down with a loved one to share your concerns and offer ways to better health.


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