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| 07/02/2020

My Cleanse To Heal Experiment

My Cleanse To Heal Experiment

I started the Medical Medium (Anthony William's) Cleanse To Heal 3-6-9 cleanse protocol right before Memorial Day weekend. I was inspired to do it because my husband and I made plans to go to the beach 5 weeks away and I was tired of feeling so heavy. 

This book offers a number of different cleansing options depending on your goals. I have lost 9 lbs so far which is very encouraging. But some other outcomes that are also worth sharing include: my resting heart rate is now 57 bpm down from 71 bpm when I started. According to Fitbit a resting heart rate of 57 bpm is Very Good to Excellent for women my age. My blood pressure is also in a really good place. I had it taken at my dentist appointment a few days ago and it was 118/75. (Note: I do not take blood pressure medication.) For once, I didn't feel nervous when my blood pressure was being taken because I new I was eating so clean, not drinking alcohol or consuming caffeine. I knew my heart and liver weren't working as hard to move my cleaner blood around. Anthony says high blood pressure is due to a stagnant liver.

I tried Anthony's 3-6-9 Liver Cleanse protocol several times last year. Each time I did the protocol I was able to lose more weight than on any other diet I tried during that 9 days. Anthony says that weight gain is due to a sluggish liver (it has nothing to do with a slow metabolism).

The liver needs help pulling out troublemakers such as viruses, viral byproduct and debris, toxic heavy metals, pesticides, air fresheners, scented candles, colognes, perfumes, and more. If you don't remove the poisons from your system, there's always going to be a high level of contamination of new cells.

The 3-6-9 is a 9 day cleanse with a few extra days on the end to transition back (or you can keep repeating if you have more weight to lose). Anthony says that this is also a spiritual cleanse. "As your body goes from twisted up, sick, and struggling to physically free, your soul is freed up too, and you're more easily able to continue your spiritual development. The same information that heals your body, heals your soul."

This time it seemed easier to do. I didn't miss traditional foods as much. The first week was rough in that I experienced fatigue and more emotions than normal such as anger and impatience. I interpreted this to be a temporary discomfort as a healing reaction and that this was proof that I really needed to do this cleanse. Not everyone experiences pathogenic die-off symptoms like this. Now I am feeling great and energetic without caffeine to fuel it.

Unlike other popular diet plans, you can eat as much of the proposed fruits and vegetables and beverages as you want so you are never hungry. The morning starts with 16 ounces of water with lemon or lime, then 20-30 minutes later, 16 ounces of celery juice, then 30 minutes later a fruit bowl or smoothie or oatmeal breakfast cookies from his recipe.

What you avoid on the cleanse are:

  • Fats (nuts, seeds, oil, olives, coconut, avocado, cacao, bone broth, animal proteins) and skip beans too.
  • Eggs, dairy, gluten, soft drinks, salt and packaged seasonings, pork, corn, oils, soy, lamb, tuna, vinegar, caffeine (including coffee, matcha and chocolate), grains (millet and oats are O.K. on days 1-8), alcohol, natural flavors, fermented foods, nutritional yeast, citric acid, MSG, aspartame, other artificial sweeteners, formaldehyde, and preservatives.

I found that trying the many recipes in the book kept it interesting and I have learned some food preparation tips -such as -did you know if you put kale, tomatoes, and cucumber in a food processor you can make a really good chopped salad? Kale tastes much better in small pieces and blended with other things. (I always have loved chopped salad but didn't know how to replicate it at home).

I have found that I enjoy the Chaga Mushroom Tea with honey as a substitute in the morning for a cup of coffee. It has a rich and earthy flavor reminiscent of coffee and looks like coffee. Adding raw honey helps drive the medicinal properties of the chaga deeper into the hard-to-reach places, enhancing detoxification and body system functions.

My husband has commented to me several times on how much will power I have had during this past 5 weeks, but really I think when you start to see results, you want to keep going. I heard Michael Beckwith say once that the pain pushes until the vision pulls. The pain comes from not being where you want to be, feeling sluggish and weighted down. The vision is what you choose for yourself instead and what you are committed to work toward. I want to lick my weight issue once and for all. My weight has fluctuated over the years with my many unsustainable attempts. It is no longer who I am. I don't need the weight or emotional eating anymore. I had to start from a place of self-love and acceptance. This is very important for any change you want to make -do it from a loving place -not a punishing or lack mindset (been there done that).

I know some people will be skeptical about the information from Anthony because he is not a medical professional and he says that his information is from the Spirit of Compassion. Here is the thing though -his information goes far beyond what you will find in any medical research and it is so robust that it would be impossible to bullshit the level of the information in his books. He has a bunch of street cred from millions of people who have tried his cleanses. I have tried many other detox plans before but Anthony's is the one I have had the best results with and believe in.

Anthony's Cleanse to Heal book and Liver Rescue book are on sale on Amazon right now. I'd love it if you wanted to do this along with me.

I still have a bunch of weight to lose so I plan to keep going and writing about my journey to inspire others and to keep myself accountable to get this excess weight off once and for all.

If you have tried any of the Cleanse To Heal cleanses or Liver Rescue cleanse, I'd love to hear your experience below.


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