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| 11/14/2017

Manifesting Your Life Dream

Manifesting Your Life Dream

What Einstein Knew About Manifesting Life Dreams

As children, we were very comfortable with our imagination. We dreamed of what we would be when we grow up – an Olympic soccer player, a rock star, a world-renowned chef. Our parents probably encouraged that, “Isn’t that so cute!” Then something happened. The messages changed from, “you can be whatever you want to be” to “stop day-dreaming, pay attention, learn what we had to learn”. All well-meaning. After all, it’s what they were probably told, too. Bottom line – we stopped dreaming.

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.” Albert Einstein

So, what is your Life Dream? When you read that question did you say to yourself, “I have no idea…”? You are not alone. Several years ago, I answered that question the same way. In fact, I felt shocked and pretty depressed to realize that I didn’t know. I was so busy working long hours, rushing home to eat dinner, carving out a few minutes to say hello to my husband, and then vegging out in front of the television just so I didn’t have to think or make decisions anymore. Sound familiar? The truth is, we rarely ask ourselves that question – What is my dream for my life?

Think about it for a moment right now. Allow yourself to ponder this question. “If my health, my relationships, my career were exactly the way I want it, what would that look like? What would I be doing every morning? As I drink my cup of coffee or tea in the kitchen, what does the home of my dreams look like?” Can you picture a snippet of the scene? If not, that’s pretty normal, too. The good news is that using your imagination just takes some practice. The thing is – our imagination is one our greatest untapped resources. Practically everything we see in our world came first from someone’s imagination. Inventors do it all the time!

That brings me to another of my favorite Einstein quote,

“Everything is energy, that is all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”

That’s pretty exciting to consider, isn’t it? All we have to do is match our frequency with the frequency of what we want (our Life Dream) and we are sure to get it! Simple? Yes, and no. Let’s break it down a bit further.

Step one is to know what you want – your Life Dream. Until you have a pretty clear idea of what you want, you won’t be able to match its frequency. Starting to sound a bit “sciency” right? Hang with me a little longer.

Step two is to take action in order to match your frequency with the frequency of what you want to create.

So, let’s assume you know what your life dream is and now you’re ready to bring it to life. How do you match your frequency (vibration) with the frequency of that dream so that it become reality?

Here’s a simple illustration:

Jane has always wanted to study and work with flowers and plants since she was a little girl and would see them all around her neighborhood and at the local florist shop. She still dreams of being in a greenhouse, working with the soil, and selling beautiful orchids and colorful fragrant hanging flower baskets. It’s been a recurring dream for years.

Jane A: Jane continues to dream about having a business where she works with plants and flowers. She also:

Occasionally draws pictures of orchids and hanging plants on a scratch piece of paper

Thought about talking to her husband, Rich, about her dream but decided against it. She knew what his answer would be. It would be something like, “that’s nice honey but we can’t afford it.” She knows he’s right.

Settles into the reality that it’s a wonderful dream but it just can’t happen.

Jane B: Jane continues to dream about having a business where she works with plants and flowers. She also:

Subscribes to a couple of flower and gardening magazines. She cuts out several of the photos of her favorite flowers and plants and glues them onto a small poster board and props the board on her dresser so she can see it every day. Seeing it every day makes her so happy.

Goes online and researches the different classes nearby on greenhouses and growing orchids.

Decides to talk to her husband, Rich. Even though she has no idea what he will say. When she talks to him about how much she has loved working in the soil and growing orchids and flowering plants he can see how much this means to her and encourages her to explore it, even though starting a business right now seems out of reach.

Researches and joins a local Meet Up group for Women Who Love Working in the Garden

After a few months, one of the women in the Meet Up group tells Jane B that a friend who owns a florist shop nearby is looking for a partner to help her run the business with no initial financial investment.

Which of the 2 scenarios illustrates Jane matching her frequency with the result she wants? Right – Jane B. Did Jane B take any steps that Jane A could not have taken? One big difference is that Jane A has the mindset that the facts and conditions in her life are set in stone and there is nothing she can do to change them. Jane B believes in her dream more than the facts and conditions in her life and she takes the action she can from where she is right now – which opened doors that would not have been there otherwise.

I believe Einstein is telling us to decide what results we want in our life and take clear and focused action to match our energy with the results we want. An important note here – you create results in your life every moment. If you continue breathing for the next 365 days you will have created a year of results. Will they be the results you want?

It’s your life – what would you love to create?

About Demara Stamler

Demara Stamler is a Certified DreamBuilder Coach and Cayce Life Coach, Professional Speaker. She has helped hundreds of people discover and manifest their Life Dreams – from meeting the love of their life, creating a meaningful vocation, enjoying a healthy lifestyle, or having the time to travel where their heart’s desire. It’s her Life Dream to help you create the results you want in your life, to understand and bypass the beliefs that have held you back from achieving them, and then breathe life into those dreams.

Demara offers new clients a complimentary one-hour consultation on the phone. 


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