By Rose Wellness Center | 10/07/2020

Is There A Link Between Gluten, Headaches and Migraines?

Is There A Link Between Gluten, Headaches and Migraines?
Is There A Link Between Gluten, Headaches and Migraines?

According to the International Headache Society, 17.2 percent of females and 6 percent of males experience migraines. Although the exact cause of experiencing a migraine headache remains a mystery, there are some risk factors and triggers that increase the likelihood of having migraines. 

Gluten avoidance is extremely popular because so many individuals either have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. So what is gluten and how does it relate to headaches and migraines? Gluten is the protein found in numerous grains, including wheat, rye, and barley. Celiac disease occurs when the immune system reacts to gluten and begins to attack the body. Conversely, a gluten intolerance occurs when the digestive system cannot properly digest gluten, resulting in diarrhea, abdominal bloating, and stomach pain.

In order to help reduce the risk of a headache or migraine, it may be necessary for you to make certain lifestyle changes. Eating a healthy diet is the first step toward reducing your risk for headaches. In addition to this, you should practice stress relief techniques like yoga, tai chi, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing exercises to lower the risk of migraine headaches. Diet also plays a huge role in the prevention and treatment of headache. It is important to note that the ideal foods can vary from person to person. For example, some individuals have a food intolerance, which can make a certain food item unacceptable. Click here to find 6 foods that can help fight headaches and migraines.

So, what can you do? Your practitioner can check for high levels of antibodies which may indicate a compromised immune system. Diagnosis may also include evaluating the small intestine for damage. Acupuncture can also help manage migraines. No matter what is triggering your migraines, we can help figure it out, get to the root cause, and help you feel your best.


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