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| 11/10/2016

Ion Cleanse Detox Footbath: Part 2

Ion Cleanse Detox Footbath: Part 2

This past weekend I completed my 12th IonCleanse Detox Footbath session. I did these foot baths twice a week for six weeks. My friend was intrigued about this and came along with me on Saturday to try it for herself. I was curious to see how my foot bath water would compare to hers. I’m going to share my observations about this and answer some questions I have had myself and gotten from others about the IonCleanse Detox.

Q. How does it work? 

A. The IonCleanse system draws waste from the body from an array unit placed in the water that creates both a positive and negative electric current. It creates a magnetic field capable of neutralizing oppositely charged (toxin) particles. These neutralized particles are pulled out of the body through the skin membrane, from a lower concentration (in the body) to a higher concentration –the ion field set up by the array in the water.

Q. What would the water look like if you ran the IonCleanse without feet in it?

A. The water will change color even if the unit is operating without feet in the waterIt depends on the toxin and chemistry of the air and water in a given geographical area. Dr. Jen said that the water chemistry from Fairfax County turns the water a light orange color. Regional toxins contribute 20-40 percent of the residues found in the water. There will be more toxic particles in the water with feet in it. The rest of the color, film, foam, and/or objects that appear in the water during a session are what is drawn out of the body.

Q. Does everyone’s water look the same afterward? (color, consistency, etc). 

A. Jen said that sometimes the water is black, brown, dark green, or orange. In my own experience, the water was slightly different each time. The first two sessions were dark brown (liver), frothy (lymphatic system), filmy (yeast), with black flecks (heavy metals) in it. Then the next two sessions were more orange (joints). Dr. Jen said that people with Lyme disease often end up with orange water. Here is a picture that shows the footbath water from me and my friend on Saturday. I think they look pretty similar. I am kind of surprised that so much junk is still coming out of me after 12 sessions. I thought I was living pretty clean. Glad to have gotten rid of it.

Q. How long does it take? 

A. Each session takes 30 minutes.

Q. Are there any side effects? Did you feel different afterward?

A. My friend said that her feet felt tingly and energized afterward and that the IonCleanse footbath felt better than a pedicure. We had lunch and both went home and took a nap. She said she felt really relaxed afterward. I often have felt really tired after doing a session. I have been sleeping pretty well since I have been doing these sessions, have less back pain, and have lost a few pounds. Dr. Jen said that many people feel sleepy after the foot bath because of the body’s effort releasing the waste. A healing crisis can occur with some individuals. “I do have some patients who feel energized after the baths. I think it depends on the level of health of the individual. ie.. medications, other diseases that they may have…thyroid, Lyme.”

I am curious if my inflammation markers have gone down since I did this.

Q. How often should you do it? 

A. Dr. Jen recommended that I take a month break after 12 sessions. Since the foot bath is encouraging your body to release toxins, if done all the time without a break, it can create a lot of fatigue. Just like a normal food detox, you would do it for a short period of time, you would not stay on a detox all of the time.

I read online that people who have a unit at home will do it once a week.

Q. Where can you get it done? 

A. I did mine at Blue Sky Health & Wellness in Oakton.

Q. How much is it? 

A. Blue Sky Health & Wellness charges $60./session and gave me a 20% discount for buying 12 sessions upfront.

About Dr. Jennifer Sims
Dr. Jennifer Sims is a Doctor of Chiropractic and owner of Blue Sky Health & Wellness in Oakton, Virginia. She has been practicing in the Northern Virginia area for over 14 years and specializes in women’s and pediatric health care.


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