Sandra Chaloux

| 03/01/2018

Ideas Worth Sharing

Ideas Worth Sharing

I want to mix it up a bit this week and tell you about some ideas and resources that I came across recently that are worth sharing.

1) Heart and Bone Health – A blog post by one of our Hub members, Susan Brady. She talks about the “curious” connection between bone health and heart health and the missing physical links that can cause weak bones and heart trouble. I know that from a holistic perspective, of course the heart and bones are connected, but I usually meet people who are concerned with one or the other. This is a great (quick) read if you concerned about your heart health, bone health, are post-menopausal, and/or are interested in improving your diet & nutrition.

2) Spiritual – I am studying A Course In Miracles right now. Marianne Williamson does a free Live Stream talk every Tuesday evening where she talks about the principles in A Course in Miracles. Her talks really help me to understand how I can be more loving -an extension of God’s love and practice the ideas in the Course.

Some of the ideas/prayers that I wrote down from this Tuesday’s talk:

Dear God, May I be the woman/man who you would have me be.

Starting your day with 5 minutes of prayer and meditation will improve how you experience each day.

God needs a clear and uncluttered mind/vessel to get through to us.

She compared rogue cancer cells that break off with people who decide to do their own thing rather than working collaboratively with others on our spiritual paths. (We were all brought here with a unique role to play in God’s plan)

She talked about the mistake that many people make when they approach others based on what they can get from them versus what they can give.

How much more joyful encounters are when you silently bless people you encounter including your loved ones. The Christ (whatever divine term you are comfortable with) in me salutes the Christ in You.

The miracle is the shift from fear to love.

Ideas grow stronger when shared.

When things are troublesome, the simple act of praying to the Holy Spirit, and asking for help and having a willingness to see things differently.

When your mental energy is neurotic, you are not at home in God. (Time to reconnect)

3. How to Stop Losing Your Things – Do you constantly lose your keys or sunglasses and find yourself scrambling to find them? (I am constantly misplacing my sunglasses and find myself running around when I’m trying to get out the door).This article by Elizabeth Leamy in the Washington Post will have you thinking differently about yawning. We tend to misplace things when we are stressed out. Check out the low tech things you can do to stop losing your things.

4. Why weight-loss goals aren’t the answer – Many of us have been on the diet roller coaster and are seeking a better way. This article by Ellie Krieger makes the case that refocusing on personally meaningful, healthy behaviors is the best shot at true wellness.

Below, tell me which of these ideas could have the biggest impact on your health and sanity? If you found this helpful, please share it with your friends.


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