Kimberly Melillo

| 05/16/2019

How will Intuitive Eating help me?

How will Intuitive Eating help me?

Can’t stick to your diet? Sick of losing and gaining weight again and again ? 

Studies show diets make us gain weight and just don’t work long term.

We were all born Intuitive Eaters. When did that change for you? When your parents had food rules while you were growing up? When a diet told you what and when you could eat ? 

Intuitive eaters have lower BMI’s, lower cholesterol and higher self esteem.

Intuitive Eating helps you cope with your emotions without using food. 

We waste so much energy when we beat ourselves up when we can't stick to a diet. Our self esteem gets lower and lower with each diet we fail to stick to. I personally have found such a sense of freedom in being able to eat what I want and not feel guilty about every morsel of food that goes in my mouth. I feel more self empowerment when I put  trust in  myself to give my body what it needs. 

Intuitive Eating is not a diet and it won’t tell you what and how much to eat. 

As an Intuitive eater you listen to your inner cues; as to when, what and how much to eat. Intuitive Eating will give you the freedom to eat whatever you want, when and how much you want. You are the expert of your own body and know what you want and need to eat.  Intuitive eating will give you the ability to  stop eating when you are full and enjoy your food guilt free. 

You will finally be able to eat what you want and become healthier and happier at the same time. 

I work with women for 6 months coaching them 1on 1 or in groups virtually or in person if my clients lives locally. Every week in our coaching sessions we will work through  the  principles of Intuitive eating. Every week I will give them a strategic action plan to help them get in touch with their Intuitive eater within. With  me as their coach, I serve as an accountability partner and a source of support to help them finally find peace with food. 


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