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| 05/16/2016

How to Prepare for Your Acupuncture Appointment

How to Prepare for Your Acupuncture Appointment

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine treatment that involves penetrating the skin with thin metal needles in order to affect the flow of the body’s vital energy. Like any alternative medicine treatment, you’ll get the most out of your treatment if you are prepared when you arrive for your appointment.

Here are some tips from Tuan Nguyen of Acupuncture & Herb Clinic LLC on how to prepare for your appointment- and what to expect:

Be on time

Be on time and prepared to spend time with your practitioner. If you arrive late, your appointment will be cut short and the practitioner will not have enough time to gain a thorough understanding of what is going on and how to help you.

Come comfortable

Avoid arriving at your appointment hungry, thirsty, full from a heavy meal.

Expect lots of questions

If this is your first acupuncture appointment, expect your practitioner to ask more questions than a conventional doctor. Acupuncturists will ask different questions than you may be used to and conduct different examinations. Also expect the practitioner to explain everything thoroughly before he or she begins any treatment.

Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions! If you want to know something, ask!

Wear loose fitting clothes

Review the consent form

Look at the consent form carefully. Accidents are rare, but they can occur. (Don’t be too worried, though – acupuncture accidents are 99% recoverable.)

Acupuncture is used to successfully treat conditions like pain, allergies, hormone imbalances, immune system disorders, and more. Arriving at your appointment prepared and ready to go will allow the practitioner to maximize your treatment.

Tuan Nguyen is a third generation acupuncturist and herbalist and the owner of Acupuncture & Herb Clinic, LLC in Sterling, VA. He has been practicing acupuncture and traditional oriental medicine in the United States since 1997.


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