Sandra Chaloux

| 09/23/2021

How to Manifest Something

How to Manifest Something

We live in a culture that is so focused on action. What I am learning is that a bigger part of the equation to manifest something into your life is vibrational alignment to what you desire.

I was listening to Paul Selig during one of his channeling sessions with the Ascended Masters (the Guides) when the question came up about Manifesting -how to manifest something. The Guides said:

1) Deciding you can have it.

2) Aligning to it (become a vibrational match to it). Everything happens first in the frequency you hold before it is made into form.

3) Knowing that you are worthy of it.

The Guides say this is the way to claim anything.  They went on to say that if you say you are unworthy of it, you decided to negate what you said you wanted at an energetic level. 

As you understand that your own divine worth is what calls to you what you require, you can become free to receive. Anything that you require is available to you through conscious choice and manifestation, but you must not be tethered to it. What you put before your relationship to your own Divine Self or to Source becomes an obstacle in your flow.


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