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| 04/26/2016

How to Help Your Child Sleep with Michelle Winters

How to Help Your Child Sleep with Michelle Winters

Bedtime is challenging for many parents. Children can have sleep issues just like adults, though many children simply don’t know how to fall asleep by themselves. While you mean well when you rock your child to sleep or read them stories until they drop off, the result is that your child relies on your presence to fall asleep. Use the following four suggestions to help your child sleep on their own:

1. Let your child nap

It may seem counterintuitive, but people – no matter what their age – who are overtired actually sleep worse. Keeping your child up during the day so they’ll be tired at night results in less restful sleep. If you’re worried about a nap throwing their internal clock out of whack, have them play outside during the day. It will help to reset their clock and help them fall asleep more naturally at night.

2. Create a routine

To get your child into sleep mode, create and stick to a relaxing bedtime routine, one that makes bedtime a positive experience, not a punishment. As part of the routine, set a definite bedtime. Going to bed within an hour of the same time every night helps train the body for sleep.

3. Create an ideal sleeping environment

When you’re putting your child to bed, it’s important to have an environment that helps them drift off. A healthful sleeping environment involves three factors: noise, light and temperature. To create an ideal sleeping environment, keep the room as dim as possible and have white noise, like a fan, playing in the background. Keep the room between 65 and 72 degrees – the cooler the better. The body’s internal temperature drops during the night, and a warm room means that the body needs to work harder to cool down.

4. Keep calm

When you’re a parent trying to get your restless child to sleep, it’s easy to get stressed out. However, if you’re stressed, your child will pick up on it and think that something’s wrong. If you relax, it will be easier for them to get to sleep.

When your child falls asleep easily, your evening will improve as well. Imagine being able to put your child to bed and having them drop off immediately, with no fighting or complaining. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? Keep calm, create a routine, and surround them with a peaceful sleeping environment, and that reality can be yours.

About Michelle

Michelle Winters, of SleepWell Sleep Solutions is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant based in Northern Virginia. Michelle provides sleep consultations for children up to 6 years old in which she assists parents in creating a gentle, respectful plan to get their children sleeping.


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