Tom Conway

| 09/14/2016

Getting Away From It All – How to Practice Mental Reorientation

Getting Away From It All – How to Practice Mental Reorientation

In this world of fast-paced living, it is vitally important to our overall feelings of wellness to practice “Mental Reorientation,” which allows us to re-center ourselves and reduce the levels of stress and anxiety we may be feeling as a result of our busy schedules. Tom Conway writes about his experience with mental reorientation for Wellness Hub. We would love to hear how you mentally reorient yourself to reduce your stress levels!

Like many people in our area and demographic, I have a fast paced, generally rewarding professional life. My personal life can be equally hectic. Too often we rationalize that a night out or weekend is ample reward for our efforts. However, that is generally short-sighted.

I am writing this blog from vacation at North Topsail Beach, North Carolina. We had planned to take a week of time off earlier this summer. We had rented a house on a lake the week of July 4th. However, we weren’t able to take this trip as we had a death in the family which substituted a week of relaxation with a week of funeral planning and services.

I am firm believer that God works in mysterious ways. Instead of being  trapped in the busiest, most crowded, most expensive and traffic filled week of the summer, we are now on a beautiful beach with very few other people here to compete with for access. We are rediscovering the simple things in life which are great but often overlooked – sleeping in with the sound of the waves in the background, cooking in, morning and evening walks on the beach with our puppy, the joys of reading a book with your toes in the sand.

The key to getting away from it all has nothing to do with re-locating yourself geographically. Rather it is a mental reorientation. You HAVE to let go of the world back home. You must embrace the now and the here of wherever you end up going. The benefits of doing this will be noticeable within a few days – you mind is clearer and sharper, that weight on your shoulders goes away, you smile easier and laugh quicker, you love more openly, you think less and live more.

Rather than waiting to get away from it all once or twice a year, we need to find a way of doing this more often. I am not necessarily talking about taking vacations all through the year (although that could be really nice). We need to find a way of carving time out of our busy schedules to get away from it all without traveling. This could be a day a week or an hour a day. I would love to hear your ideas on how we can all do this. Some use meditation, some use exercise. Please share your experiences – what have you done to put more “get away from it all” in your life, and the benefits you continue to receive.

As for me, the beach is calling so that is all for now. Got to practice what I preach!


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