Sandra Chaloux

| 03/02/2016

For Practitioners: How to Keep Going Strong

For Practitioners: How to Keep Going Strong

I recently ran across a Youtube presentation by Alan Cohen entitled What Makes Healing Happen. (Alan Cohen is the author of A Course in Miracles Made Easy). During the second half of his presentation, Alan offers insights & important mindset shifts to support practitioners to keep going strong. The following is a summary of his presentation.

1. Spirit is the healer. Practitioners you are a vessel for healing. Whenever ego assumes the role of God, nothing good comes of it. He says that if you’re feeling burnt out, it’s because you believe you are the healer.

2. You are a worthy vessel for healing.

We need all the good healers we can get.

The ego always perceives a gap between where I am and where I need to be (in any profession.) You need to face and overcome “fraud guilt”. It happens to everyone.

(He gives an example of George Harrison of the Beatles not feeling good enough.) Fear never heals. Love heals.

3. Keep service before self.

You’re here to help someone. Shift your thinking from “What will they think of me?” to “How can I help? How can I make this person’s life better?” Let Spirit drive. What you will notice is that you can’t feel anxious and have the intention to serve at the same time. Get over what’s in it for me.

4. Hold the vision of wellness for your clients.

Don’t go to the consciousness of illness with your clients. You have to hold a higher frequency than your clients -or you will get sick too. He suggested exploring with your clients, what frame of thought lead to the condition or concern.

5. Self-Nourish.

You have to be in balance when your healing others. You can get so busy that you get worn down. The best healers are prone to burn out. Your wellness and renewal is your gift to your clients.

Q & A's

How do you raise your vibration/frequency? Do whatever brings you joy is a valid tool -don’t judge, do what works for you. It is between you and God.

Thoughts about Distance Healing? All healing is spiritual healing. There is no distance in God. Doesn’t matter where people are sitting. All minds can join. Physical distance cannot separate 2 spiritual beings. It is not what the body is doing, it is what the spirit is doing. The moment you are connected, you are connected by Spirit. It’s what happens in spirit that works.

What about when someone passes? The real healing is the healing of the spirit/soul. You can’t assume that when a person passes on that healing did not occur. If the inner being found wholeness, that is a form of healing. We get seduced by what the body is doing, but the body is just one element of healing. The real concern is what’s happening in this person’s soul. Whole healing is the only real healing.



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