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| 12/19/2017

Everything is Energy & Focused Flow

Everything is Energy & Focused Flow

As this year is coming to an end, I have been giving a great deal of thought to what is working in my life and business and what isn’t.

I participated in a webinar last evening with T. Harv Eker as a part of an online course I am taking on business and marketing planning. (I highly recommend his courses). It was interesting that the webinar really was all about mindset and wellness topics rather than answering specific business and marketing-related questions.

There were a number of concepts that he discussed that I think are worth sharing.

He began by telling us how excess shit takes energy.He had just returned from a resort where he spent 8 days doing a detox (colonics). I wasn’t really expecting to hear about shit but he was on a roll. He expressed the need to release the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shit in our lives -with the acknowledgment that everything is energy. The law of maintenance means that everything requires maintenance. Maintenance takes energy. We all only have a given amount of energy.

He said we hold on to all of this crap in our life. “If you release it, you will have more room for better and different things, relationships, and experiences.” I find it helpful to get this reminder -especially as the clutter is overflowing on my desk.

He was emphatic in expressing the need to get rid of the shit in our life that isn’t serving us –let it go!!! He talked about how we tend to purchase and carry more stuff than we actually need. We buy things, just in case we may need it–based on survival thinking –fear. (sound familiar?)

He asked us to reflect on …What is the One (1) thing you need to let go of? Most of the people on the webinar seem to know right away what it was for them.

Focused Flow

He introduced the idea of Focused Flow. Focus involves preparation and intention. The flow part is based on the belief in the Universal Consciousness –the part of life we don’t control (hint: go with the flow). He said that people who spend most of their time in the flow often experience scattered energy and don’t get results. (I feel like this was me this past year.) People who are too focused may get results but are often not happy or peaceful. (I have been here before too.) We need a balance between focus and flow to be successful and happy.

He recommended starting with a plan/intention and within that intention, allowing flow and presence to be a part of it. To have both focus and flow, you need to use your mind and your heart –our 2 greatest assets. Harv pointed out that most of us only use one (mind or heart). When you add heart, you will have more creativity. He recommended allowing a wide channel of flow within the focus to be successful and happy.

Recommendations for Dealing with Distractions 

Q. How can I stay focused with all the distractions? We are bombarded with information from everywhere, we’re connected and constantly bombarded.

A. Harv pointed out that some people have reached addiction level with their phones. He said that if you are checking your phone before you take your first piss of the day and brushing your teeth in the morning, you might be one of them. He said that many people are checking their email every few minutes. He recommended against doing that. “You’ve got to stop the phone from running your life. This is an important part of your detox.”

He offered 2 compartmentalizing strategies depending on what level of phone addiction you have.

Start the habit of letting go of the phone –compartmentalizing your use of the phone. Designating specific times for using the phone – such as 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, 2 hours in the evening.

If you are really addicted to your phone –you can compartmentalize your free time –designate times during the day that you aren’t looking at your phone –including at least an hour before bed.

Out of sight, out of mind -that old saying is key here to free yourself. He also pointed out that the State of California has issued the first medical warning about the use of cell phones due to the electromagnetic radiation they emit. Another reason to get the phone away from your body and ears as much as possible.


Q. How important of a factor is gratitude to becoming wealthy?

A. If you aren’t grateful, you won’t get more. The Law of Attraction concept applies here –what you focus on you get more of. Harv also talked about the opposite, the Law of Repulsion, as it relates to mindset and beliefs –and the importance of becoming more aware of the subconscious beliefs that are causing you to repel the things, people, and experiences you want more of.

Harv pointed out that when we are grateful, we’re looking for what is right in our life. The more grateful you are, the more peace, calm, joy and sense of well-being you will experience. Being grateful, opens up our heart, causes our body to release serotonin –the feel-good neurotransmitter. The opposite of gratitude is mind-centered, fear, and the stress hormone -cortisol.

He asked us ….What are you truly grateful for?

Harv recommended creating a practice for reflecting on what you are grateful for. He pointed out that a focus on Gratitude is not habitual for most people. Due to our survival instincts, our mind is always looking for what is wrong -totally subconsciously. He recommended setting your phone alarm a few times throughout the day to stop and reflect on something you are grateful for and finding different things to be thankful for –big and small.

A regular gratitude practice will change your life and doesn’t take much time. What is your biggest take away from this discussion, leave a comment below.


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