Sandra Chaloux

| 11/14/2018

Ever wonder how successful people manage their Inner Game?

Ever wonder how successful people manage their Inner Game?

As the weather gets colder, we tend to turn inward and reflect. Things get hectic and we may not give much thought to what we could be doing to feel better. What can we learn from successful people when it comes to managing our inner game?

I’ve been taking a class from Jeff Walker called Product Launch Formula. Jeff has sold $78 million worth of his own online information products. What strikes me is that some of the ideas he shares about managing mindset and your mental game also apply to people who want to make changes to their health and wellbeing -not just business owners. And of course, I was thrilled to hear that many of the things that he does to stay on the top of his game are holistic healing approaches that we love to share about on Wellness Hub.

Another observation is that Jeff plans and sticks to rituals for self-care that keep him on the top of his game. Something to think about.

Let’s look at his observations and beliefs about the inner game and some of the things he personally does to stay in high vibration and highly productive.

1. Focus on your inner game. The outer game is everything that happens outside of you. This is where most people focus, but it isn’t as important as your inner game.

The inner game happens between your ears. Everything is created in the mind first.

2. Expect big things -and forgive yourself when you miss.

You will have ups and downs -everyone does- expect it.

3. Successful people have a bias toward action. You don’t need to be perfect or have everything figured out before you start. You will make mistakes and have false starts -we all do.

You course correct and you'll get closer and closer to goal.

Unless you take action, you can’t course correct.

*** If you don’t decide -you’ve made a decision -the decision is to stay where you are.

4. Protect your confidence

There will be dream stealers -you need to keep them out of your life or minimize contact with them.

Reality: Many people are NOT going to take action to create a better life. When they see you doing it, it makes them face that reality. So, they want to see you quit.

Share your plans with people who will be your champions (not to everyone). Listen to people who have experience -not people who have no experience.

Find your champions, be a champion.

Remember -it’s about baby steps.

Celebrate the wins (big and small).

5. Decide you’re going to win

Successful people keep trying until they find something that works.

Unsuccessful people try something, and if it doesn’t meet with quick success, then they quit.

Mastering Your Inner Game is the most important factor to your success. It is what you need to:

  • Get started
  • To continue to create
  • Move forward
  • Maintain momentum
  • Deal with setbacks
  • Have the stamina to keep going

Jeff’s Morning ritual includes:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation – Apps like Head Space & Relaxed Melodies

How I keep my mental game intact

  • Journaling -helps him empty his mind so he can focus.
  • Three wins + gratitude -every day reflect on 3 wins (big and small) & gratitude


  • Massage
  • Rolfing
  • Sound therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Float sessions


  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Gym

Get Outside

  • Walks in the woods
  • Wilderness trips

Masterminds and being around like-minded people

What are your self-care rituals that help you master your inner game? Leave a comment below to inspire others. (All links will be removed.)


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