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| 06/07/2021

Energy Healing, Empaths & Money Issues

Energy Healing, Empaths & Money Issues

I recently discovered the work of Wendy De Rosa and want to share a YouTube video that she created that explains why many Empaths have money issues and how we can shift our consciousness and beliefs about money.

First, What is an empath?

Wendy defines an empath as someone who can feel other people’s energy -whether they are stressed, anxious, angry or in need. Empaths are highly sensitive, and as a result, feel and absorb other people’s energy, emotions, and even physical symptoms. The gift of empaths is their ability to feel what’s true. They are intuitive, connected to the subtle and can see beneath the layers. Overly empathic people give their power and energy away without really realizing it. Empowered empaths can give voice to what is unspoken, bring to light what is hidden, and heal what is suppressed. Many healers are empaths. 

Wendy points out in her new book, Becoming an Empowered Empath, we can stop taking on other people’s energy by consciously inhabiting our bodies in the lower 3 Chakras. The lower 3 Chakras are the main power centers in the energetic anatomy which house every person’s survival imprints, coping mechanisms, personality traits, and personal power.  These lower Chakras are responsible for how we relate to ourselves, others and the world.

Energy Healing & Chakra System

Our subtle energy body also known as the Chakra system was first written about in the ancient Hindu text called the Vedas. The word chakra was derived from the Sanskrit word, cakra, meaning wheel or disk. These wheels of energy are power centers that extend well beyond your physical body, above and below, and all around you. Ancient seers & some modern day intuitives can see these energy centers as dynamic, rotating, pulsing, and spinning circles of light. The Chakras are linked to our health and wellbeing and carry immense information about our existence -our characteristics, history, and way of operating in the world. When our chakras become imbalanced because of energetic imprints or blockages, we become imbalanced mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Money Issues & Root Chakra

Subconscious beliefs about money get imprinted in our Root Chakra (tailbone area) if we felt deprived of love or money in early childhood between the age of 0-7 years old (give or take a year). In her YouTube video, Wendy suggests that we invite our soul to take a deep seat back into our body into our Root Chakra. Focusing on the back side of your Root Chakra, letting the energy relax there, Wendy walks us through how to start to reprogram that area of our body with the vibration of abundance, flow and love -"like you are watering a very deprived root chakra flower here."

Next we invite all the excess energy -everyone you’re taking care of energetically to go back to themselves with blessings – releasing other people's energy from your second and third Chakras. As you release others’ energy -you are going to fill in that space in your lower body, deep breaths as you settle into your body. Settling in and filling out into your lower body.

When you start to work on belief systems around money, if you are not dropped into yourself, being present in your lower chakras, you’ll absorb everybody else’s needs. You’ll feel guilty for having money and overly responsible for other people. You’ll say to yourself that you don’t want to be selfish or make other people feel bad if you have money. Wendy says these beliefs come out of a state of ungroundedness. She says it happens when the soul is living too high up in the body -and the empathic centers in the lower part of the body are being too open.

The relationship between money flowing and empathic balancing has to do with your root chakra and how much you are shifting your belief systems around your relationship with money. Wendy points out that when you say affirmations from the head, they don’t always work. When you say affirmations from the root chakra, you’re starting to shift consciousness. Instead imagine that your root chakra is speaking the affirmations. “I am worthy of having money. I am worthy of having love.”

You start to shift your relationship with money by grounding your body to resonate in the vibration of having. We are shifting our early childhood subconscious beliefs. Wendy says that we unconsciously project our beliefs onto money what we believe about ourselves -or what we were taught to believe about ourselves. The following are the 4 Steps for reprograming money beliefs in the Root Chakra.

Step 1. We go in and consciously shift and re-parent this area of the body (lower 3 chakras).

Step 2. Forgive ourselves, others, our debt. Clean up our messes. Close the doors where we have leaks and things that have are unfinished and incomplete.

Wendy points out that so much of how we operate has to do with the frequency that what we are carrying in the Root Chakra area of our body and how the second and third chakra compensates.

Step 3. Practice grounding and unfurling that Root Chakra and bringing love and abundance into the Root Chakra. Breathe into the feeling of having. Having my soul in my body, having my sense of self. My soul takes a deep seat into my body. Feel it in your tailbone, your sit bone, your low belly, your pelvic floor. You are gaining consciousness in this area of the body. If you don’t, the unconsciousness from your past becomes the operating system that fuels you. You then falsely believe “I’m not worthy. I’m not good enough. I can’t have that.” Wendy says that these subconscious beliefs become our unclaimed self.

It becomes our work to come down in our bodies -to have a presence in our lower body -own this area of our body, our life, walking with purpose in this life, walking with presence and being here on purpose. “When we start to shift how we hold our energy and how we ground into ourselves, we shift our energetic relationship with the Universe, with flow & with money. 

The Root Chakra is about organization, getting clear, taking right action. 

Step 4. Clean up – go through your finances, cleanup your books, balance your checkbook -all are very root chakra actions and very grounding. It becomes our work to move beyond chaos, to breathe through whatever is surfacing, to slow down and think about things. To feel into how your body feels about spending money on something. Recognizing when you are operating from a scarcity mindset, victim mentality, or lack mentality.

I can’t afford that.

Wendy tells us in the video, that she has had to do a lot of work around money issues herself because she did not come from money, but has overcome these negative money imprints through the work she shares. Now she says that when she hears someone say that they can’t afford that, she hears this:

  • They don’t trust themself enough to co-create with the Divine
  • They don’t trust themself enough to generate or create new opportunity for themself
  • They don’t have enough faith in themself to shift their beliefs, their current dynamic, or the energetic pattern underneath. 

Wendy says that these kinds of beliefs are not held up in the mind -they are imbedded in the lower body -specifically the Root Chakra. When you bring your consciousness to this area, you can start shifting the energy there. You can start bringing in love, abundance, strength, security, and worthiness and all the things that the soul and Self need in order to have money, abundance, & love.

This is where you get to clear up the subconscious pockets in the Root Chakra. Breathe out the old negative beliefs. Breathe in what you are claiming. Sit powerfully and deeply in those areas of the body and reclaim these areas as yours. Full, abundant, bright, present. Affirming -I am here. I belong here. I am grounded.

If you feel you are overworking and underearning, please check out Wendy's book and YouTube video. I find her insights very profound. She offers some of the missing pieces. Peace, love & blessings.


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