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| 01/25/2022

Energy Clearings using the Spiritual Side of Chinese Medicine

Energy Clearings using the Spiritual Side of Chinese Medicine

I've been studying an energy clearing technique taught by Jean Haner (Hay House author and energy healing practitioner for 40 years) based upon the Spiritual side of Ancient Chinese Medicine and the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. As an empath who can easily absorb the feelings and energy of those around me, I was looking for a self-care energy clearing technique that would enable me to manage my energy more effectively, and to become more balanced and grounded. I have found the results of these clearings to be profound for myself and others I have cleared (even my dog).

Why Energy Clearing is Needed     

When we go through difficult experiences in life, they don't automatically just evaporate from our energy field. (Many of us learned to repress our feelings which really doesn't work long term.) Some unresolved feelings can remain with us and linger invisibly in our energy field. But those feelings are not who we are. They're just energy, basically stressed energy that can be released. They can just be cleared. Unlike other techniques, you don't need to dig down and find the reasons and try to fix them. It's basically just tension in the system that can be relaxed and released with this energy clearing technique. Another way that this clearing approach is different from other forms of therapy is that it's more about being with energy so that it can move rather than doing something to it. We're so conditioned in our Western culture to think that we have to do something to fix the problem.

How it Works

This type of energy clearing is a conscious entrainment technique that creates a vehicle for stress to be released, tension to disappear, and energy to come back into balance. These sessions are conducted via Zoom or phone and I use a pendulum as a biofeedback tool to let me know what part of the clearing I am in and when each part of the clearing ends. It is a very subtle but powerful technique and many people don't feel anything at all. Others may experience an emotion coming up or old memory of something years ago, or a physical sensation or feeling. This is how their system experiences the clearing.

Types of things that can be cleared:

  • Negative Energy you've taken on from the world around you, places, or other people's energy
  • Fear that is blocking you from moving forward
  • Ancestral energy/inherited issues
  • Deep exhaustion
  • Unhappy relationships
  • Lack of trust
  • Frustration and anger
  • Issues with forgiveness for someone or yourself
  • Issues around the heart and how safe the heart feels in life, feelings of broken heartedness or betrayal
  • How safe and supported you feel by other people
  • Family, mother and father energy
  • Anything blocking you from fulfilling your sacred purpose in life or becoming your full authentic self.

Healing is not linear so we never know what needs to be released first. A helpful analogy is that energy clearing is like peeling the layers of an onion. Another helpful analogy is a kink in the garden hose. Once the stuck energy is released, it is free to move and flow. People often feel shifts within hours, days and even weeks to come.

What to Expect

Some people feel relaxed after a session and some feel energized. Sometimes there is an emotional release - you have a good cry. It's actually a sign of something really powerful being cleared. Things will then smooth right out. Sometimes the results are immediate and sometimes the results unfold gradually and subtly over time. It might be a few days or weeks later that you look back and start to connect the dots.

When doing the clearing, sometimes I get intuitive impressions. If I do, I share them but these sessions are not meant to be a psychic reading. The clearings happen whether or not impressions come up. You can schedule a holistic healing consult with energy healing here.


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