Sandra Chaloux

| 02/17/2021

Detox Time

Detox Time

Release toxins from your body, mind, and diet. I have Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue that have messages from Archangel Gabriel. I really love the guidance from these cards. The one I picked for the past several days leading up to Lent was Detox Time (2 days in a row). There are some interesting insights from the card that I want to share.

As a creative individual, you may feel overwhelmed with sensitive feelings, so you turn to addictions to numb the intensity. This card comes to you as a reminder that those feelings in the raw are the inspiration for your greatest creations. In addition, an addictive habit may be lowering your mood and vibrations by artificially inducing depression or anxiety.

The timing of this card is funny because I just completed our virtual class about heart resilience for highly sensitive people with life coach Jill Haas.  I have always known that I am highly sensitive but I haven't always thought of myself as a creative person. I usually think of creative people as artists, actors, musicians, etc. But if you are a business owner, and you create something out of thin air -you are creative. Wellness Hub is my second business venture. (We are actually all creators whether or not we have acknowledged it or stepped into that.)

After coming off a year of many cycles of the 9 day Liver Rescue detox from Anthony Williams, I relaxed a bit. I started enjoying wine and coffee, and dairy, red meat and wheat occasionally -and guess what - it has been difficult to keep my energy and vibration high. I love how the Angels and my intuition are giving me the gentle nudge to honor and not numb my sensitive feelings (and recognize them as a gift and not something that should be numbed) and to really acknowledge the things that are numbing me and lowering my vibration.

The guidebook description for the card goes on to say ...You already know in your heart which substances or behaviors are detracting from your health and happiness. It could be the consumption of wheat, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, meat, dairy, or sugar. Call upon heaven's loving assistance to release unhealthful cravings so that you won't struggle with your detox. You may be Divinely guided to human help to approach life with your heart open, your mind clear, and your body detoxified. If you want help to do your own detox, we have practitioners in Wellness Hub who can help.

If you want to live and work more from your heart and to uplevel your business and want help to do it, I'd love to chat with you about the vision and results you want to create. I work with holistic healers, coaches & practitioners who want to expand their visibility online, and build successful businesses for more time, financial, and location freedom, joy and fulfillment.

We are transitioning from a period in history where men and women learned to use our masculine qualities like external focus, intellect, mind, separate, structure, control, doing, goal, protecting, providing, focused, predictable, logical, strategic, independent, and results.

I'm observing in both men and women an embracing of the divine feminine qualities such as an internal focus, emotional, relational, surrender, allowing, soft, receptive, Being, Love, Nurturing, nonlinear, imperfect, unpredictable, intuitive, process, spiritual, and interdependence. 

In truth to fulfill our Divine destiny, we need a blend of both qualities.

One last thought to share around Detoxing, I am noticing a great deal of anxiety in friends and loved ones. We really need to unplug or minimize our exposure to programming that causes us to feel fear and lower vibrations like TV news and facebook groups that focus on illness and disease. Some time outside and in nature works wonders to lower anxiety (bundle up) or looking at nature videos or animal videos really helps to feel better. I have really enjoyed listing to Michael Bernard Beckwith on MindValley, and Abraham Hicks (YouTube videos) and audiobooks when walking or driving.

Just felt called to share these insights. Peace and Blessings.


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