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| 10/22/2021

Chinese Face Reading & What To Expect from our 30's-70's

Chinese Face Reading & What To Expect from our 30's-70's

I just signed up for Jean Haner's online course on the Shift Network to learn more about Energy Clearing from a Chinese medicine perspective. One of the bonuses in the course is a fascinating interview recording with Jean where she talks about Chinese Face Readings (the little known spiritual side of Chinese medicine).  During this presentation she helps you access important messages that may be hidden in your healing journey and can bring significant shifts that can continue to unfold for you into the future.

During this 45-minute video she does a guided visualization and describes the various meanings and simple clearing methods for facial features such as the hair line, the ears, the forehead, the eyebrows, the eyes, the nose, the cheeks, the mouth, the chin, and the jaws. Jean describes it as healing touch for emotional issues. Every aspect of your face relates to certain aspects of your personality, the health of your emotions, your spirit and energy, and a certain time of your life.

This could be a practice you do on a regular basis to change the energy of what that facial feature is holding that might have to do with your story that you have been running and wanting to break free of.

I want to share a few highlights about different facial features and what they represent and the decade of life they relate to.

  • Ears - Represent early childhood
  • Forehead - Represents the natural talents we were born with -maybe talents you haven't even discovered yet. Related to our life experience in our 20's when we think we know everything. Putting attention on the forehead allows you to reconnect to the lessons you started to learn in your 20's.
  • Eyebrows - Represent how much we try to think our way out of everything and a belief we may carry that it is all up to us to figure things out. It also has to do with helping you figure out your vision for the future.
  • Eyes - Represent how safe we feel to love. Healing touch here can help develop safe boundaries and healing in the heart. This is related to the decade of the 30's. This is when many people experience emotional challenges. This is often the first time people go into therapy. They thought they had it all together but now not so sure. There can be some emotional suffering in the 30's that we can still carry with us if we don't fully process and integrate it.
  • Nose - Represent the pride and achievement we feel authentically within ourselves. Sending energy here can create a breakthrough. Often people tend to be too self critical. They don't allow themselves to feel proud. Praise bounces off but criticism soaks in.
  • Cheeks - Represent our feeling that we are deserving, that we can ask for what we want. That we can speak up and say what we want.That we deserve to get what we want. We deserve to feel proud of ourselves. Sending energy to the cheeks can relieve stuck places. The Nose & Cheeks apply to the 40's. Our 40's are a significant and powerful time when many people choose to make a change or a change is forced on them. A Divorce. Change of career. New relationship. A time when you become more real with yourself and you feel like you have permission to do that. Touching or sending positive energy to your nose and cheeks can give you a sense of permission to feel comfortable in your own skin and to not worry so much about what other people think of you.
  • Mouth - Represent how fulfilled we feel in our jobs and our relationships and is related to our 50's. If you don't feel fulfilled, this is your time to take charge and be your own best friend and make sure you do get fulfilled. Give yourself what you want. The 50's is a time when your relationship with yourself is more important than your relationship with other people. This is a time for healthy selfishness about making sure you get your needs met by touching and directing energy to our mouths. This is the time to ask yourself - Am I fulfilled? Am I satisfied? Am I happy? If not, what can I do about that? Now is the time.
  • Chin - Represents our strength of willpower and courage. It is about determination of our strength to make it through tough times and keep on powering through. If you are going through a tough time rub your chin. The chin is related to our 60's. Our 60's are meant to be a time of great freedom and independence. Freedom to explore life in a new way - travel, spirituality, creativity -whatever calls you. Whatever you put on the shelf years ago because you had too many responsibilities. In your 60's you are meant to free yourself from so many responsibilities and take them off the shelves and look at them and see if they are still meaningful for you.
  • Jaws - Represent a strong sense of desire to reach our goals to create the life that is a fit for us, to make progress, to give us the vitality and energy to keep moving forward and find our way. It's like the pioneer in your life that helps you find your way through strange lands to figure out where to go next. Touching and Sending love to the jaws can help enhance these qualities. Another aspect of the jaw - Tension in the jaws can relate to issues around forgiveness of others and yourself. Sending love and massaging the jaw can also help you release forgiveness and move forward. The jaw relates to the decade of the 70's. Here you are saying -hey I am getting near the end here. I need to redefine myself. Who am I now based upon everything I have learned and all the experiences I have had. Who am I now? What is the next direction in my life?

I found this interview really thought-provoking. If you're interested in learning more...Here is alittle bit of info on Jean Haner.

Jean Haner, an energy practitioner for over 30 years and the author of five books, will show you how energy clearing, a form of energy medicine, can help you feel lighter and more positive, lifting worry, depression, and sabotaging patterns.

You can register here for a free one hour session entitled Discover a 5-Step Energy Medicine Practice to Restore & Rebalance Your Energy Field for Enhanced Radiance & Joy

In this insightful hour, you’ll discover:

  • A step-by-step practice that can reshape your energy field, helping you create a boundary that is both protective and nourishing
  • How to set up healthy energetic boundaries so you don’t get overwhelmed by other people’s energy
  • The benefits of clearing other people’s energy, as well as that of plants and animals
  • The science behind why you’re affected by the energy of others
  • Why people block getting what they really want in life

You’ll see how an energetic reset can create an emotional shift, putting you in a healthier and more balanced and productive space. Your external world shifts as well, because after a clearing, you act as a magnet to draw positive people and experiences into your life.

Clearing negative, stressed, or unbalanced energy, whether it’s yours or you’ve taken it on from someone else, is a powerful way of wiping your proverbial slate clean, allowing you to let go of thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you in a beneficial way.

Energy clearing makes you more resilient and able to show up in the world in a happy, harmonious way.

You can register here:

… you’ll discover how energy clearing can release unresolved issues you’re still carrying from your past, including old stress, tension, or pain — and clear any negative energy you’ve soaked in from the people around you.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled, but if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available here.

Jean is offering an affordable 7 week online video course that begins 10/27/31. See you there.


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