By Sandra Chaloux | 11/08/2020

Children's Book Recommendation

Children's Book Recommendation

My sister's first children's book is now available on Amazon and Book Baby. It is called The Adventures of Taz and His Trip to Hospital.  

Janet Chaloux-Baum (the Author) who is an elementary school teacher and her friend Yanina Cambareri (the Illustrator) who is a part of the the Healing Arts team for San Diego Children's Hospital wrote the book because they recognized the need for a children's book related to being in the hospital. 

Both Janet and Yanina are parents who had to take their child to the hospital and wished there was a children's book they could have read to their own child to make it easier.

This is a children’s book that tells a story of friendship, hope, and healing.  It gently introduces children to a stay at the hospital.  Many children face a variety of healthcare challenges.  This book invites children to follow a cuddly Pug into the hospital and discover who will help and care for him along the way.  

This book investigates a first visit to the hospital.   It focuses on the support of friends and family in the journey to wellness through the eyes of comforting pets.  Also, it is a book that features hope and healing.

 The book is written for children and families that may have a friend, family member, or pet that goes to the hospital. With cute and cuddly characters, it also is a story that focuses on friendship, hope, and healing for families and friends.

 This might be a good gift idea if you know someone who has a child in the hospital. The book features Taz -the Pug (Janet's dog), and Benji -the Bulldog (Janet's daughter's dog).

I'm proud of Janet and Yanina for getting this book to the finish line and I hope it gets into the hands of the parents and children who need some comfort and uplifting support for their hospital visits.


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