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| 05/18/2020

7 Common Marketing Mistakes Coaches & Healers Make

7 Common Marketing Mistakes Coaches & Healers Make

I’ve been working with holistic  practitioners since 2014 and I’ve noticed some common mistakes that keep these business owners from getting the results they want. They are....

1. Trying to serve everyone – Unfortunately this is very common in the Wellness space -which is why so many healers, practitioners and coaches aren’t happy with their marketing results. If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. You end up being looked over -you're ideal clients can't find you and you aren't able to get in front of them.

If we really take some time to reflect on this, there really is a subset of people we are uniquely positioned to serve at our highest level based on our own experience, passions, and gifts. The only way these people can find you is if you specifically call them by name in your marketing messaging (i.e. Women over 50 who have issues with sleeping). Who are you meant to serve? What’s your unique angle? What’s your focus/passion?

If you are unknown in the marketplace, the fastest way to become known is to be highly specialized. It is much better to go deep in a market category than wide. People buy from specialists.

What do you want to be known for? Counter- intuitively, you will be able to serve more people by specializing.

Another reason why this is important is because specializing will make it easier for you to focus your marketing efforts. It will also be easier for you to find referral partners, and for referral partners to know who to refer to you.

If you aren’t clear on who you serve and how you serve them (what result you help them achieve), no one else will know either. The riches are in the niches. 

Next simplify and boil down your niche description to 3-5 words. (ie. women with diabetes, Premenopausal women, middle-aged athletes or runners)

Is your niche easy to find? Can they be targeted on Facebook? Does your niche have money? Are they buyers? Is the market large enough? As the niche gets smaller, their passion must be larger.

Many business owners get stuck picking a niche. You can test drive a niche/target market and pivot later if you need too. Don’t let this decision stop you from moving forward.  Wellness Hub is a great place to test drive a specific niche.

2. Not picking a Hot Topic for Their Program/Offer

When you’re thinking about possible program ideas, look for topics that have a lot of intense emotion connected to them.

Are people losing sleep over it? Are they in pain? Are they worried? Scared? Excited? Enthusiastic? Passionate?  

Emotions drive human behavior. The stronger the emotions associated with the topic, the greater likelihood that the program will sell well.  We can only help people with a program if it sells.

 3. Not focusing on a Specific Result/Transformation that their clients want to achieve

People don’t want your services, course or program -they want what these services/programs can do for them. What specific problem do you help your niche address? What result is your niche willing to pay to achieve? How will your services transform their lives? Where are they now and where do they want to go or what is the ultimate result they are after (with the help of your services/program)? For example, self-care is important but it is not a result that people will invest in regularly. it is a good component to add to an ultimate result package.

One of my mentors, James Wedmore, says “If you want to make more money, solve bigger problems and reach more people.”

 4. Not focusing on what they WANT

Oftentimes, business owners pick topics they are interested in, but their audience isn’t. This happens because program creators start focusing on what their audience ”needs to know” instead of focusing on what their audience WANTS to know. The best advice is to sell them what they want, and give them what they need. People don’t know what they don’t know, but we can begin helping them where they are.

You might be wondering how to figure out what your audience wants. Check out our Free Guide to Market Research Questions to ask your audience.

 5. Not Creating & sharing valuable content that showcases their expertise or success stories

When you are presenting an alternative to other approaches in a market, you must be an educator. You need to teach people about the issue you address and your approach, how it differs from other options and why it is better. I know that most healers don’t picture themselves as educators but as business owners with a new solution we must be.

People buy from people they know, like and trust. It takes time to turn a stranger into a raving customer. It is important to release content regularly to attract new customers and nurture your existing audience. Communicating regularly helps you start top-of-mind with your prospects and customers and creates a meaningful connection with them.

We need to create content that is relevant to our audience’s needs and desires. The more you know about your audience, the more you are able to use their language in your messaging, the more relevant your content will be …and the more it will attract, engage, and convert.

Some free content ideas: articles and videos that showcase client success stories, answers to frequently asked questions, common mistakes/misconceptions. Goal: You want your content to create desire for your services and programs and to entice your ideal prospects to opt in to your email list.

Nurturing Prospects

It is good practice to nurture prospects by email with valuable content for a month before presenting an offer. Simplero recently shared a statistic that customers will buy on the 8th point of contact. Another statistic out there is that only 3% of the people you come into contact with are ready to buy what you offer at that moment. Three things must be present for someone to buy: a need/desire, trust and an irresistible offer.

 6. Trying to create and promote multiple offers at one time

If you are working on multiple revenue streams/programs at a time, chances are you aren’t getting very far with any of them. Pick one and build it to completion before starting another one.

 7. Unsupportive beliefs about Marketing & Sales

Many business owners avoid marketing because they don’t want to come across as pushy and salesy. This belief will definitely affect the outcome of your efforts. If you choose a different belief about it -like marketing is fun! Your mind will go to work to come up with ways to make it fun!

I see marketing as a service. Marketing is providing information and a solution to someone’s problem. Business is about solving problems.

I love marketing for what it makes possible for the people you serve – you are helping them make a decision to say “Yes to themselves” and to make a change they want to make. People are happy to pay for the help/solution and the results that you help them achieve. I love what it makes possible for businesses and business owners who want to help more people. When carried out with authenticity, care and with a focus on serving, marketing and sales is a win-win situation.

“It’s a gift to make an offer to a person you can help.” Lisa Sasevich.

We have a unique group of people we are here to serve and it is our responsibility to do our best so they can find us, connect with us and engage with us. Many entrepreneurs are self-conscious about how they look on video or are worried about being judged or criticized -but the best thing I have found is to focus your attention on that 1 person who really needs your help and will be attracted to you just the way you are. (There is no such thing as perfection.) Sincere intention to serve is what matters.

Even if you are an introvert, you can find marketing activities that you enjoy and that capitalize on your strengths. Like with anything else, focus on activities that bring you joy. Marketing and connecting with other people is actually fun!

I'm here to help through 1-1 coaching, and our platinum group coaching program. To learn more, schedule a call here.


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