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| 12/12/2019

6 Tips To Do More Than Just Survive The Holidays

6 Tips To Do More Than Just Survive The Holidays

The Holiday season is here, along with all of the hustle and bustle that comes with it. I’m already noticing a rise in anxiety levels and frustration. I absolutely love all holidays, but Christmas, with all of  the joy and happiness that comes along with it, is the best. It is, however, difficult sometimes to stay present and joyful when you’re go-go-going all the time.  Here are some tips to hopefully help you  survive the Holidays: 

  1. Get Enough Sleep. The amount of sleep you get affects your health. When we’re tired we tend to make fewer healthy choices, and we reach for the quick-fix energy boost we need, often in the form of sugar-filled options and processed snacks. Sleep can also affect your immune function, the aging process, memory, learning, and metabolism. Set a goal of what time you need to be in bed each night to get the 7-9 hours you need. I know we all want to sit up late visiting with Grandma, but how about long breakfast conversations instead? You’ll thank me for it when you notice a difference in the energy level you have the rest of the day!
  2. Eat More Real Food at Home. This time of year we get invited to parties and events a lot more. So when possible, try to cook as much as you can at home so you can control exactly what goes into your body and make sure you get your fruits and vegetables. It is easier to eat healthy when you’re the one selecting the ingredients and preparing the meals. Real food comes packaged with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients our bodies need to thrive. These are the types of foods that give us energy instead of leaving us feeling hungry again a short time later.  So if you know you’re going to a party that’s going to be filled with heavy calorie-laden snacks, dips and such, eat before you go, so you’re already full.
  3. Get in the Holiday Spirit & Don’t Skimp On Family Traditions! Watch Holiday movies, TV Shows and listen to holiday tunes. This always lifts my spirits. And if I can get in my jammies early and light a fire in the fireplace, that’s even better. Sometimes we have family movie nights, sometimes family dance parties. Driving around looking at Christmas lights is something I’ve been doing since I was born, and I have continued that tradition with my children. It makes me so happy to load everybody up the in car, dogs too, crank up the Christmas songs, and try to find the house with the most lights. Doing all of these things always makes me feel like a kid again and that makes me happy! 
  4. Practice Self Care to Reduce Stress. This time of year is stressful for many reasons, and we all don’t enjoy the pleasures of living in a Hallmark movie. High-stress levels are not only harmful to your health, but it’s also harmful to your waistline as well. When you are constantly under stress, your hormone levels, like cortisol and insulin are elevated. The elevation of these 2 hormones can sabotage all of your hard work. We aren’t meant to be under constant stress and it takes its toll. When feeling stressed, find time to get away from it all, even if it’s just a few minutes in a dark, quiet room by yourself to meditate, it will help! 
  5. Socialize. Yes, I know, sometimes families can be stressful, but, they’re family! If you want to boost your mood, there’s nothing like being around supportive and loving people and engaging in a fun activity. Or even better, visit someone who is lonely like the elderly or help out at a homeless shelter. Remember, someone out there is always struggling around this time of year, try to help out and do what you can.
  6. Shop On Your Own Timeline. If you really dislike the crowds at stores, you can always get shopping done online. Or, do what I do, go to the stores at ‘off times’, later in the evening, or first thing when they open.  Holiday shopping can be a budget buster too, so spread it out and start early! I know, that’s a nice tip right now, right?  

At the end of the day, it’s important to stay positive and remember to count your blessings and be grateful. There are so many people out there who suffer alone through the holidaysRemember, we never know what someone is going through so let’s give each other a break. Be kind and spread joy and smiles wherever you go. I hope you enjoy the holiday with your family and friends as much as I do.


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